Digital Product Labeling

Within the "information age" an advancement in product labeling may then be made to better assist those who find reading the small print on medications and or vitamin bottles difficult . The advanced product will make the contents of the bottle easier to read by displaying product component text, upon a display panel with" zoom / text enlargement "capacity, and allow for an audio alarm to remind people to take their medications/ vitamins  etc... ( also with a blinking light for the hearing impaired to then be reminded )
The Advanced product design then will contain a display to inform the consumer of the contents of the product . These will include, warnings, % of the recommended daily allowance, audio warning if  within a given temporal interval if dosages have already been taken.
Since the advanced design will cost a bit more a product container recovery program will also then be in place for the companies that implement the advanced design... then electronics will then be recovered and affixed to new product containers. The internal electronics will also contain tamper indication to prevent misinformation into the memory of the electronics... Tamper proof electronics....
The advanced product will also have a lid opening counter and alarm indicator with a combination to dis arm the alarm. The advanced product design will also contain a low battery warning audio buzzer and a small solar cell  upon the unit to trickle charge the battery.

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