Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

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The "Wiporwill" is a perpetual drive system. The "start " energy is stored as compressed air.  Once released the air pressure impales the pneumatic impeller causing electrical current generation  ( powers the electric motor / em clutch )  and hydraulic advancement by rotation.  The electric motor's  commutator and field coil  is advanced by electro- magnetic clutch  causing the launch point of the electric motors armature to advance. This builds torque and horse power. The advancing hydraulic fluid , corn oil or standard hydraulic fluid..( water can be used with added protection so that no water  separation due to static electricity build up an additive  required) impales a hydraulic impeller also advancing the core commutator and field coil  of a pneumatic centrifugal compressor with an inverse design.

The inverse centrifugal compressor has the compressor wheel at it's circumference also as an armature  and a field coil  at it's center .  Having the centrifugal compressor wheel acted upon in this fashion hyper pressurizes the "air flow" and it is re-cycled  into the system.  The core field coil shaft also has a fly wheel attached to mount to another generator (not depicted  ) /  allowing for high availability of electrical energy to feed the electric motor.  The open air feature is optional as this system can be closed  "air cycle "for water safety with argon as an inert gas. The final drive for the engine comes out of the core shaft via end sprocket  and transfer chain to fly wheel then automatic or standard transmission. A  silicone oil may be used or other non conductive electrically non flammable hydraulic fluid.