DeSal Float

The DeSal Float is a "cost effective" method using the pressure of ocean water at depth to then provide the work potential to pressurize the "reverse osmosis" salt water to fresh water filter. The system injects air pressure at depth to force the salt water up the filter tube assisted by the system salt water pump.

Due to the surface area (diameter of the interior of the "intake pendulum bell") with wildlife salt water intake screen (a water safety intake feature) will then cause the system's "up flow" of salt water factoring the depth of intake / weight of the pendulum "bell" (weight is a pump in pressurized fluid) also the differentiation of the level length of the reverse osmosis intake flow pipe vs. the pendulum bell diameter / length / depth and  the level of pneumatic pressure level within the pendulum bell. The weight of the total mechanism is also a factor in factoring the pneumatic operating pressure level.

Parts List

1.  air compressor linear generator electricity producer hydraulic drive impeller

2. saltwater pump

3. high speed hydraulic fluid pump

4. 1:50 ratio gear set high side rotation tandem with the internal pump "wheel" of number 3 - input rotation tandem with the

    Magneto armature number 5 and internal impeller "wheel" of number 8

5. Magneto generator also operates in the "motor function" powered by the linear generator

6. hydraulic fluid divergence valve - controls the "hydraulic draft effect and speed of the pump, number 3's drive line

7. valve control solenoid - speed regulation via system logic electronic circuits in number 28

8. hydraulic draft impeller input rotation

9. hydraulic fluid divergence valve - controls the "hydraulic draft effect and speed of the pump, number 3's drive line

10. combined component oil / air pressure pressure tank ( hydraulic fluid non flammable non electrically conductive) air pressure causes

      oil pressure

11. one way fill valve used for bot oil and air

12. one way valve

13. salt water flow pipe

14. reverse osmosis saltwater to fresh water filter - the filter cap has a water fountain top valve to assist in water oxygenation

15. maritime lamp beacon

16. mushroom shapes air intake filter and shroud

17. air intake pipe

18. divergence valve controls "return oil"

19. one way valve

20. oil balance pipe connected to bot oil / air pressure tanks

21. air compressor linear generator electricity producer

22. mechanical clutch electric actuation

23. piston crank shaft

24. "hall effect" r.p.m. sensor (revolutions per minute sensor)

25.  air compressor / linear generator type piston / armature - contain permanent magnets to cause induction within the cylinder

       wall of the air compressor producing electrical current

26. air compressor cylinder "head"

27. air compressor / linear generator cooling fins

28. electronics system "mapping" control electronic circuits.

The linear generator can produce current to then electrify the Magneto causing it to act as an electric motor also accelerating the linear generator to then provide adequate convertible rotational torque to deliver the required saltwater "pressure" for the reverse osmosis filter to function.

The "beacon" lamp post also then contains the "above water line " control panel for the operator to select system's functions and rate of operation. The above water line control panel then rated for the marine environment (water sealed).

The pendulum "bell" then is also with safety "pneumatic decompression valve upon the pneumatic pressure sensor the said valve is then electric and actuates upon command by the system settings. This controls the Desal Float's buoyancy. The setting allows the Oxygenation of water to improve marine ecosystem health.

The system design may also be useful in reversing Oceanic Anoxic conditions - correcting coral reef water conditions


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