Coupon Game

Currently in the struggling economy there needs to be a way to increase the quality and nutrition level of food for greater health. Organic farming is usually a bit more expensive and holds greater value when compairing the product to industrialized agriculture.

We have a solution also to assist young people starting out that is a fun method to lower their food cost by playing a game.The idea is then to use distributed advertising also with social media ( with consumer reviews) to connect coupon halves  locking like puzzle pieces when the retailers site is then viewed and  clicked upon in approval ( and shared with their friends...while logged in)  then registering that the person had viewed the retailers page to then send a code to their computer / phone etc... being halves of puzzle piece coupons for discounts on food merchandise even discount Utility bills as vouchers redeemable.

This "coupon game" then  also increases the local economies for small retailers by increasing their advertising budget ie if half of the puzzle coupon is a "Big Box" store and the other is a small mom and pops shop. The "game" then due to the distributive chain reaction then reduces the companies ad budget overhead financially then allowing for a higher discount with the coupons and increases the total overall retail sales still increasing the "gross" income of the retailer.This increases the retailer ad budget expenditure to the spend more advertisement dollars with the advertiser so it's also good for the business twice.

First the shopper would fill out an application ( register )  on and then select the products categories they are looking for merchandise  within also selection the stores from a list then zoned by their mailing zip code.  The social media linking system then would display a puzzle icon with half a coupon also then automatically sharing the stores link ( current running advertisements) to their friends . The Coupongame's algorithm then would match the second half of the coupon with an another store also then a coupon for sales running then locking the coupon as "active" yielding then / printable / and or bar code squares for use at the retailer via a phone display.

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