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 Cone Dome

Any one tired of stick built construction that steals you labor  with a mortgage and fails to provide adequate storm protection?

As an idea for a low cost structure we propose using cones of  frozen newspaper...

The idea the being to use things in the natural environment that can be harvested to then yield a more resilient structure. Earth , leaf. hay ,and or more shredded paper....... etc.. "organics "  then embedded in recycled plastics by softly warming the plastics. This causes cone shaped "bricks" to then construct the dome ( the mortar then is the plastic  composite material. ) low cost construction also keeping "waste" out of the landfill...

The cones of newspaper are then formed referencing a chart the will give the inner orifice ( top of the dome ) and base of the cone diameters to then form the final dome diameter.

The inner surface upon the top of the cone may be used a 16oz empty plastic bottle or just a piece of card board then taped to the top of the  cone.

The cones are then taped at the correct distance and wet by water via a spray bottle until frozen ( wet the inner surface ). Square box forms stacked for long tubes to encapsulate mobile homes with hemisphere

ends.... ( a single end in hemisphere and open end still allows for the mobile homes extraction...).

A ply wood sliding arch base form then will be used for the pycrete in 18" section to then lay the fencing atop before the concrete spray.. the wood chip wood dust will melt out leaving the hard concrete shell to then water coat the exterior and load earth atop to protect from tornado.

**** Important...! in these types of encasement a solar wick to cycle air may reduce mildew and mold formation... additionally a UV lamp may also be used to keep the interior of the arch system then in a safer manor free from mold / mildew.

Used melted plastic bottles are then mixed with the "organics" dirt and mix will then fill the frozen cone and then be allowed to cool until rigid. The small gaps then between the cones are then filled with the plastic mix material before it fully cools to then act a  mortar.

 Once the cone is frozen then align a point in the center of a circle and sink a 4' stick in the ground with a string attached to then be used as a radius length indicator.

Align the cones then in a circle  with the referenced top orifice and base orifice then at the correct diameter to produce a wide variety of dome sizes.

Several rolls of chicken wire then anchor the outer surface of the hemisphere via dry wall screws that are then attached via additional wire wrapped around the chicken wire and the drywall screw itself.

The dome form will then be able to accept the exterior surface of cellulose acetate atop water proof concrete top layer. The top concrete layer  may also serve to keep the structure intact for long time periods. the final plastic coating derived from corn stalk / leaf preferred  ( fiber ) the cellulose acetate then to the required thickness to support additional earth loading atop.

The inner surface then finished as desired...with cellulose acetate ( inner wall locking each " cone"),

stucco  ( inner  surface ),  puzzle wood ( art deco), drywall ( where required for inner vertical walls...),  etc...

The structure then free of blight , fire safe ( wild fire / forest fire safe ),  resilient to storm and energy efficient.

Snow also works for the cone fill material then to be covered with wet wood pulp that will form an homogeneous ice wood chip mix ,( pycrete ) then to accept wire mesh  ( chicken wire ) and a concrete top coat for low cost emergency structure.....