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Compression Pump

This system can be used to assist in heating the road ways and or providing electricity for illuminating the street lights. This will save the municipality money allowing for the system to pay for itself and expand to increase the safety of the general public.

It will also allow for a secondary emergency electrical production "grid" to then allow for distributed electricity production on a fuel less system . This also increases the security of the general public.

This design can be applied to a enclosed "swimming pool" to the become a fuel less power station cycling the water pressure....( please ground the flow tubes for static electricity) with multiple units of number 30's about a growing spiral with the discharge water returning to the pool. (water pressure boost pumps may be required fed current then from the main assembly generating source then number 26.

This system may also be used for village water heating to then provide heat for an abodes heat and hot water requirement. A thermal differentiation  "engine" with pneumatic boost system  can then be used for the electricity production for  dwellings using the hot water  to cause motion within the differentiation engine . The electrical current also can then be used to cause cooling refrigeration...air conditioning etc. Piping hot water is a friendlier way to transfer energy to homes as it is unlikely to fail during heavy storms since the piping will be buried pipes composed of stainless steel. Pressure expansion chambers within the pipe system where required to allow for safe transmission of hot water. The power facility within Monolithic Dome under earth with correct evacuation of produced Ozone gas.

* Note - A cross pump with generator  and 1:4 ratio gear set will also be installed upon this system at intersection of  number
             9 pre number 11 and number 9  post number number 8 that number 9 post number 8 tube is then being pumped down
            ward by hydraulic pump  and it is then driven by   horizontal oil pressure flow by hydraulic impeller with flow going into
              number 11. An electromagnetic clutch may be   required between the additional unit ( hydraulic impeller and additional pump)
             the current generated will then be fed to the   control mapping system and unto number 23 attached to number 25. Number 25
             will power the "boost" pumps in the water flow  tube boosting pressure and rate of water between the generating units
              number 30's. So viewing horizontally its hydraulic impeller  on horizontal vector flow connected to the 1 of the ratio gear
             set with the 4 of the gear set to the generator also  connected to the electromagnetic clutch then driving the down vector hydraulic
            pump. This compounds the velocity rate of flow regulated by multiple system hydraulic pressure sensors.

* Note - base of number 11 is an open orifice to allow for decompression of pressure

* Note - the pressurized oil intake system within the combined pressure tank  may require an additional max pressure safety relief valve to keep the tube within it's pressure tolerance.

* Note -  number 27 contains also battery charging system connected to the battery.

* Note -  The flow pipe number 9 post venturi "funnel"  number 8 gradual intake slope pipe into the cross-pipe that contains number 13 as
            not to restrict the fluid velocity. ie. number 9 post number 8 is an inverted " Y " shape with one arm of the why bending to flow into number
            13 at a 90 degree angle .