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Compression Generator

* Note - Horizontal force vectoring of open air ( filtered ) within number 9 post number 14 then channels air through number 4 and number5 sealed except for intake  ( also filtered ) to
             cool the electric motor and generator.  While the impeller in that unit then is a pressure sealed division ( inlet one exhaust).
This system is intended to cause the fuel less production of sustained electricity at high voltage ranges. The magneto within the high voltage Ac generator will also feed the alternator the Stator current to then allow the current out put at 12v Dc to then be inverter and changed into `120v Ac current then to feed the electric motor  attached to the drive belt and or drive chain system.

 The current to the electric motor is then  regulated  by variable resistor and or potentiometer to control the speed as the input will set the final rate of rotation of the High voltage generator then displayed upon the r.p.m. rate display. The battery charging current is then also derived from the alternator.

 The pneumatic valves  , number 11, are both manual and able to be adjusted by mechanical system referencing the max pressure safety valves that will contain pressure sensors then also reporting to the system mapping circuit logic board. The electrical out put receptacle will be located in number 16  both 120v Ac and 240v Ac outlets.

There is a pneumatic restriction tip 5/8" - 1" dia.  ( diameter ) "venturi / funnel" upon flow line number 19 into number 9 on assembly attached to number 10 ( ie. tube post generating assembly) . Pneumatic flow tube number 20 into number 9 upon the generator assembly also contains a pneumatic restriction venturi "funnel" compression tip  (3/8" dia. ) to increase pneumatic pressure and velocity rate of air flow. Additionally on flow tube assembly 20,11,20,9 a pneumatic compression "tip" 5/8" dia.( restriction venturi / funnel ) is installed then venting upon number 9. The 4" flow tubes number 19 into number 9 from the pneumatic pressure storage tank  is not restricted full orifice 2" - 4" dia. ( ie. both flow tubes... )

While generating electricity increased resistance is produced when accelerating the generating the idea here is to counter act the resistance force by increasing pneumatic pressurization and velocity rate of pneumatic flow to then "tilt" the system then be having the additional electrical current to power thru the " baug" / loading of the main generator, to produce sustained electrical output.

Additionally a max pneumatic pressure safety valve that vents to the exterior and a pneumatic pressure  sensor / meter ( Psi ) will be installed upon flow tube  number 19 post impeller / compressor number 9 upon the generating assembly , to then also assist in monitoring the pressurization of flow tube number 20 then venting into the main compressor / impeller containing number 10. The additional P.S.I. ( pounds per square inch ) sensor will then also cause "all stop" function..should the system over pressurize by restriction / closing valves numbers 11 and mechanically reducing the electric current feed into number 5. The said flow pipe will reduce at discharge from 4"dia. to 1" dia. and enter into number 9

The pneumatic flow tube from number 18 into number into number 10 via 20 and 11 does not contain a flow compression "tip" but does cause a spiraling pneumatic injection into number10 causing adhesion and increased compression yielding higher pneumatic pressure out put by twisting pneumatic flow.