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Compound Air Generator


Parts List

1. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number
2. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number
3. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number
4. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number  ie. to instrument display cluster and manual switching controls..
5. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number
6. Multi wire "bus" connector Plugs to respective ( matching ) number
7. 12v Dc ( direct current ) electric air compressor
8. Mapping logic control circuit board
9. Pneumatic pressure storage tube
10.  High Voltage generator / Magneto / can also be Dc system
11. Electric motor
12. R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor
13. Pneumatic valve
14. Dual pneumatic compressor ( circumference  - propeller ) ( diameter - propeller )
15. Max pressure / over pressure safety valve with pneumatic pressure sensor reports to number 8
16. Pneumatic impeller  ( circumference )
17. Pneumatic union junction with pneumatic pressure sensor reports to number 8
18. Dc voltage regulator
19. Permanent magnetic dynamo ( Dc generator) ( also can be an alternator is Stator feed current will then be derived and regulated from the magneto in number  10 )
20. Dc to Ac ( alternating current ) power inverter ( converts Dc to Ac current )
21. Dual output shaft electric motor ( Ac current )
22. Pneumatic velocity regulator ( controls valve ) acts as dampener control
23. Pneumatic compression wheel ( diameter ) pneumatic impeller ( circumference )
24. Air filter
25. Medium pulley
26. Pulley
27. Drive belt
28. Large Pulley
29. Over pressure safety valve vents pneumatic pressure
30. Pneumatic one way valve
31. Pneumatic flow tube
32. Pneumatic flow tube
33. Venturi ( Funnel )
34. Pneumatic valve solenoid actuation ( controls pneumatic pressure  repacks the pneumatic
     pressure storage tanks prior to shut down )
35. Wire "bus" connector solenoid connector
36. Pneumatic pressure meter ( P.S.I. , pounds per square inch , gauge)
37. Valve actuation steel cord

Description :

This is an electric generator concept that does not require a battery to start. The system is designed to actuate by pneumatic pressure providing constant electricity production.
After reviewing the projections regarding disposal of batteries  ( all types ) also the natural resource to produce the electricity storage batteries becomes in time ...a problem.

From the then release of pneumatic pressure stored in number 9, ( note more tanks may be added ) the actuation valve is the opened by number 13, then allowing pneumatic pressure to then impale number 23 around the circumference of the wheel. Upon pressure exit then in number 32 the flow valve number 13 then allows the start pressure to then be directed to the other  number 23 then causing the rotation of the second compression/ impeller wheel also then attached to a larger pulley causing the speed of the system to compound in rotational rate.

Once the pneumatic velocity rate has reached sufficient rate ( ie. velocity flow ) the valve number 13 then also allows pneumatic pressure at higher velocity to then enter number 14 through the smaller diameter tube causing a greater rotational rate of velocity and hence greater compression.

The electrical current produced in number 19 is then also inverted ( Dc to Ac current )  and directed to number 21. This then causes a compounding rate of rotation ( pressurizing a "tilt" by magnetism ,  then increasing the velocity of pneumatic pressure to then reduce and counter act the resistance of magnetic field while generating in number 10.   This system also demonstrates the forward advancement of magnetic pressure increasing the rotational rate of rotation upon a system advanced by vacuum by pneumatic pressure . Number 20
 ( Dc to Ac current inverter ) will then be producing enough electrical current to then also power number  11.  Then the system can climb in rotational rate to then also produce more electricity.

To counter act the "baug" when loading is requested from the generator, number 10,  a percentile of of the generator current from number 10 is then re - introduced into the system at number 11 ( load re- active ) and causes a stable electricity output above the load demand level then regulated by the pressure safety system and the R.P.M. sensors and the associated mapping circuits.

* Note on number 29 - the flow of pneumatic pressure post excitation of number 14 is then at higher velocity and cause high pressurization in number that the over pressure
 caused ,then also at high velocity , will then be injected into number 23 to cause the impeller to then be increased in rotational rate and also advance the compression rate from it's diameter propeller. This increases system rate and compounds velocity.

* Note - Number 25 and number 28 are interchangeable , the alteration changes system dynamics....

* Note - The air feed tube number 32 above number 15 in compression assembly connected to number 25 will then be as to inject the pneumatic flow pressure before the
             compression propeller number 14 by allowing venting upon the rim of the circumference impeller toward number 25.. ( ie. the injected air from said flow tube then is
            the intake to number 14's ..compression propeller causes higher draft... ) .

* Note - Between number 26 connected to assembly number 23 an additional gearing system may be added to increase the vacuum effect. So that the drive pulley will then rotate
              the 1 of a 1:10 ratio gear set ...with the 10 of the said gear set the advancing number 23 at greater rotational velocity.

* Note - primary compression chamber containing number 14 will also then have an additional number 15 then upon the compressor casing for safe operation then venting with a
              two stage safety pressure relief valve ..The first stage then cycles the pressure via pneumatic pressure tube back to the pneumatic pressure storage tank and the second
              stage then vents pressure to the exterior of the system.

* Note -  System velocity control cord , number 37 then controlled by number 22, will then also actuate both  numbers 13
                ( valve also controlling pneumatic pressure venting from the pressure storage tubes ) to then control system velocity within safe operating rotational
               limits.  Please note this is only one system of "motor" management as the pressure sensors will also cause electricity " re-  dump" ie. current into number 21 to then be
               reduced if the logic system indicates parameters  of operation violated....  Actuation of system pressure dump safety valve  placed upon maximum
               pressurization containment will also be caused upon all stop function. The " all stop" pneumatic pressure relief safety valve is then pneumatically actuated by
               pneumatic pressure.

* Note - The part labeled  as "A" is a connecting drive shaft  ( through shaft ).

* Note upon assembly number 10, and 11 an additional gear set may be added to increase rotational rate of number 10 and increase electricity out put from number 10  ( not to exceed mechanical material selection properties ).