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Cold Vacuum Cycle

The following design system is then intended to reduce the use of household  disinfectant aerosol spray products as the propellant is an atmospheric hazard.... the use of cold then to cause sterilized surfaces is also a safer method then avoiding any possible inadvertent negative health effect due to the cleaning agent.

The design system then containing an air distillation / stratification system also makes cleaning the dwelling a bit more cost effective as the cleaning resource is air and does not need to be purchased repeatedly.... The distillation system extracts Nitrogen ( N2) for use in cleaning surfaces with cold N2.

The "Cold Vacuum Cycle" will then flash freeze the rugs counter top surfaces door knobs etc to then nullify active virus or bacterial without the residual chemical remaining upon the surfaces that can have adverse health effects.

The design system will also be useful to freeze the interior of commercial air craft prior to passenger loading to then remove live virus from the air craft. The technique may reduce the spread of pandemic for certain types of illness.....