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Centipede Cargo Transport

The following design system is intended to reduce the cost of international shipping by sea. The design is an electric "tug boat"  that derives electricity from a "gravity drive" then being a hydraulic system to produce fuel less electricity to motivate maritime electric propulsion for shipping.

The vessel has the ability to recover it's vertical position being able to roll over in the ocean... The design is a high speed hydrofoil that will reduce shipping times. The "cargo trailers" may then connect in large chains... like a "train in the water.... The cargo trailers then have amphibious capacity making them able to drive themselves unto the land.

The said "gravity drive" then a hydraulic system using silicone oil with a chamber to cause fluid motion by gravity and suction under high vacuum. The fluid motion then used in a generating assembly to cause advancement of the total flow cycle via compounding electricity ie.... the generator's electrical output then applied back into the generator's assembly electric motor.

Parts List

*( parts then with symmetery upon both sides of the mirror line )

1. one way valve

2. vacuum pump / electric assist motor with hydraulic impeller  driving a 1:20 ratio gear set with electric motor

    counter tilt upon the high side of the ratio gear set then connected to an electromagnetic clutch with

    dual R.P.M. sensors "each side of the electromagnetic clutch") then driving the vacuum pump pump wheel.

3.  exhaust filter box

4.  flow control valve allows exterior air to enter when the valve is closed cycling the "pre-start"  sequence to

     allow the oil to drain out of the flow line ( via valve) just above the hydraulic impeller.

5. flow tube vacuum rated ( structural re-inforcement for high vacuum)

6. generator assembly siphon intake flow tube

7. silicone oil tank ( primary oil tank)

8. silicone oil catch tank allows for pneumatic positive pressure low p.s.i.  ( lower tank )

9. control valve

10. siphon intake / filtered

11. catch tank oil level line

12. siphon intake

13. automatic transmission with speed sensor reports to helm also torque converter and flywheel

14. high voltage generator with magneto ( permanent magnetic ) to energize the stator field coil of the generator

15. high pressure hydraulic flow tube

16. max pressure safety valve vents high hydraulic pressure directed via tube to the vacuum

      pump's drive impeller

17. one way flow valve

18. system hydraulic oil flow valve

19. communications disk weather tight heated hull...  transmitter / receiver  radar scanning

20. shock absorption enclosed in weather seal bushing

21. hull mount pivot hinge

22. heated hull ( electric resistance heats the hull )

23. shock absorption system

24. shock absorber ( shock absorption piston system )

25. retro ( reverse thrust ) water intake

26. hard shell flotation

27. hydraulic piston ( float extension)

28. sea water shield

29. pontoon

30.  hinge servo electric and hydraulic with hard lock breaking  system and ratchet pin secured by solenoid

31. hinge servo electric and hydraulic with hard lock breaking  system and ratchet pin secured by solenoid

32. float arm ( hinged)

33. wheel chamber opening piston system

34. locking hydraulic piston system lowers the electric drive wheel system

35. steering system also by solenoid with electric drive 4 wheel independent drive electric motors

36. tires / solid wheel

37. center sinker lowering hydraulic piston system

38. rotating gyroscope ( vessel vertical  stabilizer )

39. electric drive motor drives the gyroscope for vertical stabilization

40. port and starboard water jet discharge jet

41. retro vector water jet discharge port

42. forward rudder control system ( assist steering the forward motion of the vessel )

43. water intake port

44. helm forward window (safety glass)

45. window support bar also allows for defog and heat - hot air discharge to prevent the windshield from icing

46. tinted heated window glass ( safety glass)

47. communication disk ( heated )

48. fire egress hatch water tight

49. air foil hinge

50. air foil adjusting piston linkage system

51. flotation ( "flip ballast" ) able to be filled with sea water

52. air foil tie linkage

53. hinged flap ( hydraulic and pneumatic system ) assist in the positions the nose of the vessel and height

      of the  hydrofoil ski

54. hinged flap ( hydraulic and pneumatic system ) assist in the positions the nose of the vessel and height
      of the  hydrofoil ski

55. access door water tight

56. rotational 360 degree water jet discharge vector system

57. heated ladder

58. heated deck and deck  rail ( electric resistance and hot water )

59. open air deck

60.  deck drain port

61. hinge

62. ball pin linkage and lock system

63. ship ( full swivel ) tow hitch electric motor positioning system ( hitch repeats on each trailer )

64. aft water jet port exhaust port for propulsion

65. pontoon rudder ( both sides )

66. rotational 360 degree water jet discharge vector system

67.  honey comb mag wheel rims

68.  tire control arm

69. cargo container load hatch weather safe 100% water proof

70. servo( electric motor - locking pin by solenoid)  lowers the tire system

71. in water grab rope with hand grips and small flotation spheres

72.  cylinder ballast

73.  flotation foam filled pontoon

74.  hydraulic piston extends to load compensate the vertical position of the vessel

75. cargo "trailer" main propulsion system electric with louvered exhaust

76. main propulsion system fuel less generator bay (  power plant insulated from the hull 100% )

77. core support shaft bearings  ( allows the cargo trailer to rotate upon the center axis )

78. water tight communication chamber

79. double hull ( contains  electric resistance heating )

80. drive wheel bay sum of four total ...

81. cargo container deck elevator hydraulic and cable systems

82.  cargo container / shipping containers

83. salt water weather seal

84. retro discharge port for the water jets

85. marker lamps

86.  main marker lamp

87. ladder ( heated )

88. vacuum sensor air flow control valve*( reports to helm )

89.  "start" cycle flow pipe

90.  retro water jet water compressor

91. rotational 360 degree water jet discharge vector system

92. hydro foil ski ( retractable)

93. access door

94. magnetic locking system ( also contains hard "pin" securing system via solenoid )

95. galley ( entry ramp from helm deck )

96. sleeping quaters/ lavatories septic systems with de-humidification system for laundry  and hydroponics...

97. helm power plant "bay"

98. sinker ballast pontoon ( via hydraulic piston system )

99. ballast pontoon

100. pontoon containing ballast pontoon and high velocity electric water jet propulsion system

101. cargo trailer chassis "structural frame"

102. cargo container / shipping container slide rail  ejects the container / slide rack moves by

        reduction gear system electric motor system

103. tow ball pin and locking system ( quick trailer release system) 

104. bolt plate

105. hitch bolt plate

106. trailer mount core shaft

107. pontoon water intake ports

108. helm and hydroponics in available space

109. aircraft support grab mount

110. main electric motors high horsepower

111. rotation control for rotary water jet system

112. water jet discharge  rotator 360 degrees

113. mass wheel massive fly wheel

114. main electric motor drive linkage system

115. main electric motor drive linkage system

116. sinker ballast tanks

117. hinge ( water tight door hinge ) locking

118. aft rudder

119. static electricity static dissipation system

120. air foil position control linkage

121. air foil position control linkage piston mount bracket

122. hydraulic piston positions the air foils

123. high speed fuel less electric water turbo water jet

124. core shaft "roller" electric motor able to rotate the trailer 360 degrees

* Note - the valve, post hydraulic impeller upon the generator's assembly, will then connect to a wide diameter flow pipe rated for the capacity / system velocity- at full performance dynamic of the total hydraulic flow system. The valve will also contain a safety fault system with max pressure safety regulation valve that will discharge the silicone oil into the lower tank should fault occur. Redundancy in system maximum speed is also required within the automatic valve system.

* Note - the max pressure safety valve upon the flow line / tube just before the generator assembly hydraulic impeller, then also containing a large diameter flow pipe connected via coupling with automatic flow volume flow valve... then venting silicone oil to the lower tank with regulation valve.. this is the "main balancer flow cycle",  flow pipe.

* Note -  the vacuum in the oil column tank will not continue to climb in vacuum. An operating negative pressure will be reached and maintained... The vacuum cycle contained within the top of the column will also have redundant purge systems to prevent any formation of volatile due to vapor... the  vacuum must cycle..... ie. ambient exterior system air change.... to then be converted into negative pressure "vacuum" within the oil column.

The above design system will stabilize the international shipping industry when oil becomes to expensive to use for cargo shipping on the sea....

The trailer may also be suitable for fishing / crabbing in high sea's then within the trailer assisted with a heated robotic servo arm then with the capacity to deal with crab pots and or fishing nets. The operator then within a heated sphere command chair within a spherical positional mobile. The command "pod" within the trailer will have eject capacity flotation a fuel less heater , redundant carbon dioxide scrubbers, vents with the ability

to seal, communications and small propulsion system then driven by a fuel less electric self sustained hydraulic draft cycle.