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Carbon Core Pipe

By using Carbon graphite in a weaved rope to then impregnate the "carbon thread" rope with a thermo-setting resin within a pipe then to be bent..if required and or then as strait part components. The pipe when full of resin impregnated carbon graphite thread weaved "rope"  then allows for high strength structural components that may also then union weld with metal union fittings.. This allows for high strength structural component and the ability to weld to produce rigid shapes.

The curing of the thermo-setting resin within a enclave also adds to the new part versatility as the resin in then an endothermic reaction the enclave will add to the final strength. The  advanced structural  product then is also able to be bent when " wet "... ( ie. before the

resin 's endothermic reaction cures).

The impregnated plastic embedded in the carbon graphite or other filament "rope" then contained within the structural pipe's core ( hollow center ) is then able to be used in a variety of product where strength is needed, also then reducing the total weight  of the components.The pipe itself may also be as a tube weave then to accept the "rope" filament and additional plastic thermo - setting resin and curing processes...

The pipe selection process will be determined by the application of the system's function.. Stainless steel , other metals , galvanized steel, plastic pipe and or flex conduit  ( similar to house hold electrical metal flex casing for electrical wires )  ... etc.. the choice of material then to follow the mechanical properties required to fulfill it's service function!

The carbon graphite with resin may also be used upon the exterior of the electrical metal flex conduit then sealed with a  electrically conductive tape sporatically  redundant to cover total , and tac welded to create  multiple electrical circuits as static electricity  must be pulled from the hull also then venting to capacitance discharge in controlled condition. Final exterior hull heavy above radiation shielding  ...inner hull  2 layers then with pressurized gel  interior to expand as auto seal hull... seals pressure atmospheric  breach to prevent decompression. The sphere  shapes  used for starcraft.