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Bumper Generator

* Note - Number 9  can also generate electricity.....

* Note -  Number 2 hydraulic impeller will also then be designed to be as a hydraulic pump

* Note - Cross pump inserted at intersections of numbers 1 and number 36 pneumatic impeller drives

              the 1 ( of the ratio gear set ) connected  to a 1:2 ratio gear set then driving a hydraulic pump at 2 times

              or greater ,1:2 ratio through 1:50 ratio gear set ) the rotation then increases the fluid, ( oil ) velocity rate.

               * addition...note ( cross pump sub 1 )  on the intersection of number 36 and flow tube 1 after number 29

              the "cross pump" is so that the high side of the ratio gear set wicks ( pulls ) pneumatic  pressure

              accelerating a pneumatic compressor on the flow tube causing  number 18's advancement ie. so

              the hydraulic flow is accelerating a pneumatic compressor causing compounding  rate advancement.

              An electromagnetic clutch  may also be installed within the "cross pump"

* Note -  correction to drafting... .text addition..Number 25 is a flow tube  for hydraulic oil and or pneumatic pressure.

               Diameter of tube is the same...   (number 36 is a smaller diameter by 75%. )

* Note - To avoid Hydraulic "lock" on or upon starting the system the following start method is required...

             1. Manually depress pneumatic pressure relief button upon number 6.

             2. Number 28 will when not energized as the valve is tension closed ( by coil spring ) and activated to

                 open when solenoid then positions the variable valve to  multiple flow rate settings. Number 28 is also

                 upon the exhaust of the compounding venturi "funnel " number 27.

             3. On max pressure safety valve number 4 before impeller number 3 then depress the manual pressure

                 relief and allow the fluid within the  oil flow tube to then reenter the primary combined pressure

                storage tank number 7.

             4. Then refill number 7 with air pressure.

             5. Manually open number number 23 and allow air pressure to cause system rotation.

             6. Electrical current from number 17 will then cause number 28 to open allowing hydraulic oil under

                  pressure to advance system within the compounding cycle.

             7. Flow tube number 1 on assembly numbers 7,1,28 is as an arch ( over the belt ) . Assembly

                 numbers 27,1,13 is an inverted arch. High point of flow tube for hydraulic oil is  then vertical bend post

                 number 13 before the 90 degree bend. Number 7 is then the "low" point within the hydraulic flow system.

* Note - Number 20 has multiple flow direction function to allow closed pneumatic cycle also to allow "gain" intake

             air pressure also while the system is cycling pneumatic   pressure ie. can do both at once. Number 31 is

             similar will adjust the venting as require for the system to remain within operational tolerance.

* Note - Hydraulic pressure sensors are contained in number 4 and report to the logic / mapping system

              ( into "bus" number 39 )  to regulate system performance in a safe fashion.
             Also sensor fault and all stop function then contained within number 34.

A = connecting drive shafts

O = required bearing race.