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Shoes that have quick assembly and a feed stock then grown by an Algae bio reactor then become cost effective to then be distributed ubiquitously.  Additionally comes with a laced sock that has water proof outer exterior that locks the draw string into the  ( number 14 ) into the upper....

Parts List

1. "pull on" hoop ( strap .75" )
2.  elastic upper
3. arch support ( polyurethane foam ) insert only (  removable insert with replacements sold separately )
4. contour riser  ( just behind the ball of the foot )
5. nylon and rubber weave ( water proof composite ) also comes just in light weight nylon summer shoe .....
6. hard plastic toe protector
7. cellulose acetate plastic foot protector ( sum of three independent pieces  embedded ) corn husk/ corn stalk ... source for the cellulose
8. synthetic rubber  ( polyisoprene )
9. repairable sole ( replacements also as a individual product )
10. polyurethane foam heel support
11. hard plastic heal protector ( exterior )
12. strap fixation anchor point for pull on hoop as well...
13. toe sole extension
14. elastic hoop
15. draw string locking tumbler
16. draw string hoop
17. draw string