Design Desk Inc.

Beach Erosion Prevention
Currently Municipalities spend a great deal of tax payer resource dealing with beach erosion not to mention the repeated damage the Ocean can cause to water front real estate..
Design Desk Inc. is presenting a solve... / option / place drains under the sand upon the beach under the sand then with periscoping  inlets to then catch the incoming high water...storm surge and pump the sea water up hill to controlled re- dump ( holding lakes can be constructed as well as  vaporization systems ( caution volume / rate/ of oceanic vapor examine all factors..../ might de- sal  ( distillation ) it feed to water supply and or pump as steam long distance also then heating homes... ) into the ocean.... Fuel less water pumping may make the endeavor cost effective to implement as the fuel less pumps then can also serve dual function for causing electricity to power street lighting and or other function...( heated side walks etc.. ) to then pay for the adaptations implementation.
The perascoping inlets can be hidden and only exposed when required.... as not to ruin the beauty of the ocean front in good weather....
The intake system for high ocean water can be made to prevent life form intake so the environmental system of the water front is not  effected.

Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation