Beach Cooler

The following design is a plastic like water mat with cooling tubes embedded within the low profile "Air inflatable mattress to then chill a beach towel with the cycling cold water via cold water then being pumped through the tubes within the low profile air mattress.

The system is powered by a solar panel ( photovoltaic) and will cause the water within the ice filled cooled made of a wood exterior  ( horizontal "stripe pattern") with foam insulation then with plastic water tight interior to then have the cold water cycle through the air mattress. The pump also has a weighted base with anchor pin in case of high wind to secure an umbrella within the umbrella port upon the water pump housing .  An additional umbrella weighted base is also then a with a chilled cup holder.

The cup holder is then chilled by the cold cycling water exiting the low profile air filled water cycling mattress with cloth cover . The said "mattress" then acts as an underlayment for a beach towel.

The "handles" for the cooler then are as an adjustable strap harness that will also buckle clamp to keep the lid closed with locking capacity. As an option the lid of the  "Beach Cooler" itself may be made to be an ice maker containing a water freezing system then powered by the photovoltaic solar panel filling the cooler with ice automatically. The water then derived via it's "on-board" micro dehumidification and distillation system ( water then distilled before it is sent to the ice maker.

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