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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

Baton a "Gravity Tractor"

The "Baton" ( gravity tractor) is a design system intended to correct the Earth's moon escaping it's orbit. The moon of the Earth is a climate regulator and is critical in the life structure. The design is a sealed flight system implementing electric propulsion able to break Earth's gravity on a fuel less generator system.

The design is not excessive in cost and repays the initial construction cost as it is also a factory producing rare fish, plant life and diamond as a function of it's construction. This allows for the gem and products to be brought to the ground to then counteract the cost involved with the craft's construction..

The design intended to then also be able to mine asteroids to then repay the Federal debt incurred by the United States of America  also to act as a high speed comet / asteroid  interception tool to then mitigate stellar object has the travel speed required unlike other design systems...The total system using a spider web style net with multiple Batons for asteroid or comet mitigation.

Note - the landing gear for vertical decent then upon the right sphere as depicted and will follow the contour to the sphere ( hinged at 180 degree quadrant point  (as depicted) with the arches the slightly past the 90 degree quadrant point and the 270 degree quadrant point the from bow the 180 quadrant point then a center point with a polar

array ( @22.5 degrees forming a rib shape  basket shape),  with landing extension arch ski's powered by hydraulic pistons and electric hydraulic pumping system able to the retract to form a multiple position landing system  to allow for the total baton to tilt to then come to rest upon the left side landing gear.

In high velocity flight "particle gain" due to permeation...and " electrical charge gain" from high velocity space travel must be observed as it is a factor in the safe operation of the engine designs! The bow then having frozen water ice when in high speed flight as a safety barrier..

* Note - the "L" type hover motor then depicted above the egress air lock is the operational system to "extend -the air lock .. the motors are then able to rotate within the "walls " of the air lock frame to open and close the system ( the air lock "L" system the upon the frame operated in tandem with a pneumatic air lock opening piston system that also has an oil pressurized ( by air pressure ) final compression lock ( hydraulic pneumatic with air pressure sensors to ensure the air lock is "closed correctly" intact seal safety sensor system. Carriage able to eject with "L" type Wall motors after redundant manual lock system is free.

Parts List

1. "L-Type" hinged mounting hover motor (used for atmospheric escape )

2.  Spherical positional mobile ( sealed force vectoring) sum of four hover motors mounted upon both sides

     of the center flight desk that has 360 degree rotational capacity within itself via flight deck rotor motor

3. center flight deck

4. "air lock" entry hatch (pressure sealed)

5. "air lock" entry access ramp hand rail s with ladder rung each side

6. retractable stair case ( pressure seals redundant pressure sensor system for chamber)

7. cargo space also contains HVAC and CO2 scrubbing system(redundant ) ie.. two independent system

8. Hydroponics

9. water storage tanks

10. Hydroponics water pumps

11. bee hives / plant lamps

12. craft landing gear ( retractable),

13. landing gear "manual" hand crank ( with reduction gearing to make the weight seem less)

14. stair case  "hinge"

15.  anchor  "hoop"

16.  craft  "utility "tool bay" ( contains repair tooling and parts production "printers parts production / and smelters"

17. Helm with flip deck ( rotates the position for atmospheric lift vs. hyper speed flight ) inner circumference 

      sum of two spiral stair case  ( zero and 180 degrees), with impact resistant riser under the hand rails wall

     (carbon graphite)

18. Quarters  / galley / lavatory

19. Algae coil with multiple Aquaponics for fish production

20. ladder hand rails with walk  "hall" ( while in gravity spin )

21.  Algae coil maintenance port (cap allows for Ph testing also contains the couplings for water feed, CO2 feed,

       and  plant food feed.

22. Algae coil flow valve control / water circulation pump - algae coil vent valve ( directs the algae to the

      processing chamber to oil extraction fuel production and or plastic hydrocarbon stratification for plastics

      production to produce  outer  hull plastic "crush" to embed the diamond upon the outer hull of the vessel to

      reduce the effect of high radiation

23. Algae coil redundant Sealed generator systems bank of four ( also provides electricity for the

      diamond furnace / diamond press ( hydraulics / and heat system )

24. diamond furnace / high pressure press - redundant encasement high impact strength to reduce

      hazard of component failure

25. Negative pressure producing electric compound jet ( causes vacuum level in number 26).

26. Vacuum sphere ( negative pressure sphere )

27.  primary Vacuum sphere ( negative pressure sphere )

28.  plasma return ( thermal control system outer circumference - "cold" plasma ) electric compound Vacuum

       producing electric "jet engine system

29.  particle accelerator return cycle ( electro -magnetic accelerator)

30.  sealed force vectoring hover motor forward vector  sum of  eight about 360 degrees listed at ( mounted upon a rotator to aid in gravity escape),

31.  retro vector sealed hover motor sum of  eight about 360 degrees, listed


32. inner circumference  "return " plasma coil  "tube" with perpendicular return to counter act

      the "static return" for the "working" pressure

33. cold plasma "sphere ( pressure rated ) plasma contains high charge... insulated redundant also with

      static electricity safety system (sensors and warning system redundant ).

34. "gravity spin center point sealed force force vectoring pivot also forward flight directional stabilizer system

      rotates upon electric motor core redundant ( bearing "brush" / roller ball brush system) Sum of two

       independent system opposed vector discharge to cause the "center point for gravitational spin..

35. carbon graphite "mix" flotation - water displacement "foam" and contains radiation reduction fill..

36. hull cameras / sensor array spherical system to encompass all radian radar sonar motion detection thermal

      infra red ultraviolet geiger counter ( radiation detection), altimeter, temperature and barometric

      pressure sensors... etc...

37. electromagnet - also acts as an electric inductance "cage " to channel the electrical " charge of empty

      space" when in high velocity flight

38. resonance transmitter to cause a transmitter "plow"  acoustics wave in electromagnetism to assist in micro

      particle void space at high velocity( shape of compressive transmitter "plow" critical to "compress the

      electrical charge of "empty space..." focusing critical....shape of result at rate of velocity... density

       electrical of transmitter plow wave...

39.  Static compressors sum of two total

40.  thermal management particle accelerator  "return" flow system

41.  electric compound Vacuum producing electric "jet engine system plasma return ( thermal control system

       outer circumference - "cold" plasma )

42. electron absorption chamber causes low pressure effect then collecting the electrons by magnetic field assisting

      the channeling the "charge" in the plasma into an electrical conductor yielding a low pressure effect to allow the

      total system to cause high "pressure" to low" pressure to then yield directional vectoring at high feed

      replacement ie... the transmitters push at close to light speed scattering the arc system within the static

      compressor then the electrical "conductor causes low pressure in the aft of the engine system to then also

      recycle the electricity....

43.  impact wall weighted to balance the center of weight

44. diamond "crush" embedded in the produced plastic to the outer  "hull - total surface leaving the "plow and

      the cameras un-obstructed as well as leaving the air locks able to open, and the docking clamps able to operate

      for the remote "miner / separator escape craft, number 53,  to then operate.

45. outer hull

46. locking fill pipe plastic to then fill with radiation deflection / shielding material

47.  expansion gel under pressure to cause a self sealing hull

48.  inter - locking metal rings with honeycomb inner force deflection grid - carbon graphite ( acts also as insulation)

49. locking fill pipe plastic to then fill with radiation deflection / shielding material

50. "hull stack" total system

51.  garden supply storage space... seed storage / plant food storage slide drawer

52.  communications transmitter instrumentation

53.  miner "separator" ,escape craft ( may also travel in from of the Baton as a solid un-maned plow to then

       deflect any micro debris

54. air lock ( sum of two  / one side to then allow for entry into the separator contains

      independent H.V.A.C. (heating / ventilation/ Air conditioning system also with and Amine Co2 scrubber - manual hydraulic opening and closing system - main operation by electric hydraulic hydraulic servo pumping system.

55. water tanks for Aquaponics ( tanks mount couplings for water flow and pressure hatch water tight)

56.  miner separator dock locking clamps

57. electromagnetic docking guide system also a security lock out as a safety measure / the magnets must be

      turned off before the hard clamp will release and required redundant combination to unlock

58. miner transmitter  / remote communications

59.  air compressor the 360 degree mobile casing can allow one directional intake air to the refill the

       internal motors pressure as required to operate.

60.  fuel less generator  "power bay" / for the "tool bay / helm / Quarters, also contains septic processing used

       when in gravity spin - Utility systems - system electronic management core / water recycling /

       atmospheric  monitoring system /

61.  Aquaponics pumping / filtration

62.  Aquaponics extraction long filter  used for all tanks contains shut - off valves and water tight sealed

       gasket encasement (reusable)... waste used in other system .... plant food.. after proper conditioning

63. landing gear ( sum of two total upon each side of the "sphere" for stability swivel foot

64. ice plow "water tank contains evaporator within the ice tank to also act as a particle trap for high speed flight

65. refrigeration evaporator

66.  water pumps for filling the water ice plow tank with flow pipes

67.  refrigeration control units sum of three redundant flow pipe connections

68.  refrigeration system condenser also used to "heat the engine chamber able to, via air duct, heat

      additional chambers within the craft as reserve / back up" heating system.

*Note -  flight system must be able to "fly by wire" no electronics for emergency condition ( e.m.p.  electromagnetic pulse in space might damage electronics so a manual / pneumatic assist flight control system will also be required including the 360 degree spherical positional mobile.... then engines themselves are also encased in an inductance prevention "cage" to differ an e.m.p. electromagnetic pulse ).

* Note - high energy capacity requires static electricity dissipation system redundant.. Zero unwanted inductance required. magnetic filed insulation encasement also electrically non conductive encasement ( electrical insulator for all components then rated at the thermal operational rating.

"L - Type"  (sealed force vectoring pneumatic hover motor) also as fixed motors number 30 and number 31 in the retro position number upon the top drafting of the "Baton"


* Note the system surrounding the flight mobile have the capacity to "hinge power assisted to then upright the vehicle for vertical flight when in the "landed" position.

Note - high energy capacity requires static electricity dissipation system redundant.. Zero unwanted inductance required. magnetic filed insulation encasement also electrically non conductive encasement ( electrical insulator for all components then rated at the thermal operational rating.

Parts List

1. pneumatic return tube ( "static" in the force equation "of the return force air flow" in the "top" of the engine

    system then perpendicular injection post return coil "Tube"

2. "top" high pressure sphere

3. max pressure pressure relief tube  ( a safety system to the maximum pressure in the top pressure sphere

4. transonic impeller generator

5. pneumatic impeller

6. ratio gear set ( by the pneumatic impeller, number 7 with the ratio within the gear set at 1:10 rotations

7. electric motor

8. dual electric motor with hall effect R.P.M. sensor transonic propeller / compressor - drafts number 4 by

    suction compounds rotation

9. pneumatic "return tube"

10. high pressure pneumatic flow tube

11. flow tube coupling

12. electronics bay / avionics

13. counter weight centers/ balances total system vertical center line

14. aft thrust focus gate "positioner" (gate position driven pneumatically  - natural position closed via coil retention

      and expansion springs)

15. aft thrust valve  "thrust gate"

16. baffle valve operated by solenoid

17. lower vacuum valve operated by solenoid

18. lower vacuum valve operated by solenoid

19. 360 degree orifice intake manifold

20. field coil / Stator generator

21. magneto field coil

22. field coil / electric motor

23. electric motor with internal 1:20 ratio gear set - high ratio side tandem rotating to number 24

24. transonic armature " propeller core pneumatic compressor"

25. electric compressor assembly housing

26.  commutator

27. thru bore electricity transference " slip ring"

28. electric  "pneumatic draft compressor generator"

29.  thread bore

30. bolt

31. thrust casing internal baffle

32. vacuum tube

33. receptacle - connects number 33 to number 33

34. main compressor jet pneumatic assembly adjustment valve allows pneumatic air flow to the main

      assembly pneumatic impeller

35. pneumatic flow tube - air pressure from within the valve , number 34 to then operate the

      aft "exhaust valve - gate valve"

36. vacuum sphere

37. max pressure safety valve vent into the upper pressure chamber via tube

38. temperature and pressure sensor sensor

39. pneumatic "Start " valve operated by pull cable and solenoid actuating level

40. pneumatic pressure tank

41.  pneumatic one way flow valve

42. electric air compressor

43.  high pressure pneumatic flow tube

44. infrared / communications / radio systems sensor receiver transmitter electronics

45. pneumatic pressure sphere max pressure safety valve vents via tube to the negative pressure

     vacuum sphere , number 36

46. plasma arc static electricity dissipation box with pipe coupling reports to logic processing system

     governing electronics

47. pneumatic pressure max pressure " safety valve" exterior  system venting to the interior of the space craft

48. air compressor intake flow valve actuated via solenoid / or manual positioning via cable

49. air compressor intake air filter and air filter box

50. commutator

51. roller ball "brush system

52. electricity generator "return (negative) wire

53. electricity generator "Hot"  (positive) wire

54. main electric jet bracket support system "mounts" the electric jet assembly

55. redundant sum of two R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute) hall effect sensors

56. jet end cap bearing cap assembly (both terminal ends of the electric jet)

57. vacuum flow tube / suction tube

58. vacuum flow tube / suction tube

59.  top pneumatic pressure sphere P.S.I. ( pounds per square inch ) pressure sensor

60. vacuum level sensor ( sum of two independent circuits two sensors in one unit)

61. air flow capacitance sensor - detects electrical charge building within the air flow and compensates for

      the static electricity via actuating number 62

62. static electricity dissipation "halo" connected to  number 42 plasma arc box.

Augmented Static Compressor

* Note - multiple selection of path way the engine system the "running" with cold plasma causing ionized inert Noble gas then as an option or the design my "run" vacuum void then revealing the rate of "replacement" by using the transmitter to carry / compress radical electron in the magnetic bottle force vectoring toward the "compression venturi and moving to the low pressure absorption "effect via the electromagnetic electron absorption system in the aft of the engine system... ie the design can "run as a vacuum with hyper excited "free electron then being compressed by the emanation wave from the micro wave transmitter system...

Within the frequency chamber a "resonance" problem might occur so an  "off set" in the wave pattern pulse not to cause embrittlement due to vibration ( random pulse "transmitter" and modulation intensity not to cause resonance).

Note - high energy capacity requires static electricity dissipation system redundant.. Zero unwanted inductance required. magnetic filed insulation encasement also electrically non conductive encasement ( electrical insulator for all components then rated at the thermal operational rating.

Parts List

1. refrigeration evaporator (cooling cylinder)

2. refrigeration systems / contains refrigeration switch valves and redundant refrigerant compressors

3. refrigerant pressure vessel (nitrogen)

4.  plasma static electricity arc dissipation system "plasma box" controls static electricity by arc dissipation

     and inductance of plasma charge to a transformer to then channel the static electricity for use.. recycle

5. vacuum sphere

6. fuel less generator bay ( hydraulic draft accelerators ) systems control electronics sensor multi

    wire "bus" connector receptacle

7. magnetic electron absorption system (causes collection of the flow electrons and channels the current

    for reuse within the system

8.  flow gate solenoid ( allows the plasma to vent at variable levels)

9. louver valve

10. particle accelerator

11. magnetic focus venturi (funnel)

12.  diamond arc chamber contains circular main microwave transmitter and "ring transmitters surounding

       the electron emitter ( outer casing is a "magnetic bottle")

13. refrigeration  "chamber" cools the return plasma flow system

14. refrigeration chamber insulation

15.  ring transmitter core orifice inlet control valve

16.  transmitter electronics for "main transmitter ring and the four "ring transmitters"

17. electron emitter injector electronics

18. slide drawer fuel less power system fuel less generator "bay"

19. plasma flow meter ( measures rate of velocity )

20. particle accelerator electronics( sum of two independent system in flow system

21. draft generator electric - pneumatically / driven  ( by draft velocity)  compression jet speed up on

      it's own displacement while generating greater electricity levels / current levels governed in number 6

     same parts format as number 23

22. main plasma flow tubes

23. plasma accelerator compounder / with pneumatic start impeller also generates electricity and

      motors by the high speed output rotation of the electric jet

24. ring transmitter ( microwave transmitter )

25. Main transmitter circular ring allows electron emitters , number 17, to discharge within the

      radius with an open passage to the magnetic venturi ( micro wave transmitter  center with

      diamond "arc connector" receptacle )

26. magnetic venturi exhaust focus electromagnets ( may be elongated in length to also for more active thrust length)

27. magnetic venturi exhaust focus electromagnets control electronics with inductance shield "cage" to prevent

      E.M.P. ( electromagnetic pulse)  from effecting the electronics

28. refrigeration condenser

29. dual electric motor ( roller ball "brushes" ) blower fan / may accept air flow duct work to channel the

      hot air to chambers

30. magnetic venturi "gate valve ( assist in focusing the electron flow  pressure restriction valve)

31. electron focus electromagnets

32. electron focus electromagnets

33. roller ball "brush" electric motor dual output shaft

34. R.P.M. sensor

35. 1:10 ratio gear set connected to the input rotation , number 64 tandem and tandem on the output side

       to electricity   generating transonic number 63 also with roller ball "brushes"

36. magnetic focus venturi "funnel"

37. electric motor transonic impeller core circumference roller ball electricity transference

38. 1:20 ratio gear set output rotation tandem with pneumatic start impeller number 39

39. pneumatic start impeller

40. P.M. (permanent magnetic ) generator compressor / transonic propeller - armature is the field coil magnetic

      the outer casing then wired to step voltage

41. flow "U" pipe

42. cold plasma return

43. perpendicular return flow tube ( both "A" and "B" coil tubes)

44. insulated plasma sphere pressure casing

45. insulated casing bolt array center point  is the mirror line

46. refrigeration evaporator

47. plasma flow guide and Neutrino detector / particle gain detector....

48. bolt plate pipe union

49. magnetic venturi insert / guider the plasma flow

50. particle accelerator

51. plasma flow distributor

52. diamond arc nodes one side positive one side negative electrical polarities

53. plasma manifold / distributor internal guide electro-magnetics

54. flow gate valve solenoids sum of two upon the gate valve on the flow tube also with manual actuation

      via lever and cable

55. flow pipe evaporator refrigeration cooling system

56. flow tube assembly ( sum of four out / into the electron "ring transmitters" and one center position bi directional

      tube flow

57. vacuum level sensors

58. spiral coil flow return tubes both "A" and "B" coil flow tubes

59. plasma flow tube

60. electronics mapping system control circuits instrumentation gauge port for multi wire bus for remote

      instrumentation critical function by low tech mechanical control systems

61. instrumentation display panel

62. multi wire "bus" connector to systems valve solenoids and systems sensors / motors and generators

63. electric motor compressor core roller ball "brushes" armature outer circumference is the commutator

64. generator plasma impeller "flow draft effect" then accelerated total system

65. inert gas ( noble gas ) pressure toroid ( doughnut shape pressure storage tank)

66.  inert noble gas reclamation  gas compressor ( prepares for the subsequent re- Start by lowering the pressure

       in the system storing the inert gas under pressure within the toroid pressure storage tank

67. inert gas compressor intake actuation valve actuated by level and or the automatic solenoid system with fail

      safe redundant safety check

68. "start" flow valve ( causing the generation of electricity to be applied to the internal system regulation  for electricity levels

70. external  cooling exchanger ( outer space cooling exchanger  ) cools the plasma flow by the ambient

      temperature of outer space via fluid medium then pumped via electric hydraulic pump

71. refrigeration evaporator

72. vacuum balance valve with powered valve and safety function to maintain vacuum

73. solenoid valve position control

74. max pressure safety valve vents via tube to lower pressure contains actuation sensor to indicate

      actuation  "level to adjust total system to bring it back into it's operating parameters a  safety valve

Flight Mobile ( Spherical positional system) the rings rotate upon the servos for flight vector course correction...

Note - high energy capacity requires static electricity dissipation system redundant.. Zero unwanted inductance required. magnetic filed insulation encasement also electrically non conductive encasement ( electrical insulator for all components then rated at the thermal operational rating.

Parts List

1. pneumatic flow tube  pressure coupling

2. infra red transmitter / receiver

3. stationary mounting plate

4. bore hole mounting system

5. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication

    contains thru bore electricity transference slip ring

6. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication contains thru

    bore electricity transference slip ring

7. electric actuation / "acceleration / pneumatic flow valve

8. commutator

9. flex flow hose pressure rated

10. flight deck armature

11. electricity generator with magneto  transonic "pneumatic draft accelerator"

12. field coil flight deck electric motor

13. hard center flight deck "disk"

14. mobile system flight  "ring"

15. mobile system flight  "ring"

16. mobile system flight  "ring"

17. mobile system flight  "ring"

18. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication contains thru

      bore electricity transference slip ring

19. 1:10 ratio gear set high side rotation tandem to number 26

20. generator "bay" fuel less electricity generator systems - redundant also contains exterior input air

      compressor to re-pressurize the engine system

21. Main pneumatic start valve (actuated by remote infrared /radio transmitter )

22. plasma arc "box" static electricity dissipation system redundant system with actuation indication as a safety

      feature with interrupt and fault signal then relayed to the ships helm

23. vacuum system main manifold main safety pressure safety valve actuates  and reports level of

      actuation govern the systems operating parameter to keep the vacuum system within it's mechanical tolerance

24. R.P.M. ( revolutions per minute ) sensor

25. electric motor

26. pneumatic counter tilt impeller / also aids in total speed incline

27. electric motor counter tilt

28. shock casing  electrical ground point and 1:20 ratio gear set high side rotation tandem to number  26

29. electric motor transonic "pneumatic impeller redundant sum of two electric motors / ball

      bearing "brushes atop circumference commutator

30. thruster venturi max pressure safety valve vents to the vacuum system

31. vacuum system pressure manifold

32. pressure flow pipe

33.  thrust baffle

34. vacuum sphere

35. max pressure over pressure safety valve

36. distributor pressure sphere

37. vacuum accelerator commutator

38. negative pressure intake

39. vacuum accelerator "start pneumatic impeller

40. transonic electric motor (draft accelerator)

41. vacuum flow tube

42. thrust venturi "flow restriction valve (causes high displacement force via flow restriction) pneumatic

     and electric motor actuation

43. travel coil pneumatic circular "static force" counter act technique( volume of the interior of the travel coil the

     circle / circumference of the flight deck disk, to then have the volume and pressure re-tainment  for

     total decompression the blow down cycle

44. venturi thrust gate restriction gate control actuator electric motor and pneumatic servo/ impeller actuation

45. thruster venturi / funnel

46. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication contains thru

      bore electricity transference slip ring

47. thrust chamber max pressure over pressure safety valve with actuation sensor to also report to the

      system governing electronics to keep the speed and pressure within it's mechanical operating parameter

48. generator high speed transonic compressor (vacuum producer drafts number 40 into acceleration

49. vacuum accelerator force static primary discharge port pneumatic pressure flow coupling

50. vacuum draft compressor

51. flight deck circumference travel coil coupling ( to air compressor)

52. pneumatic flow pipe

53. "static force" / perpendicular flow return main flow manifold "coil flow tube"

54. thruster intake manifold

55. pressure coupling

56. main pneumatic pressure sphere over pressure safety valve vents to travel coil

57. main pneumatic pressure sphere over pressure safety valve with actuation sensor adjust system parameters
      speed current levels and directs flow to the "travel coil" then also de-compressing the system in the main
      pneumatic pressure sphere.

58. main pressure sphere return ports

59.  thrust chamber max pressure by-pass flow pipe contains max pressure valve upon venturi casing (a one way valve)

60. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication contains thru

      bore electricity transference slip ring

61. electric servo motors / redundant electric motors  ball bearing "brushes" / sealed lubrication contains thru
      bore electricity transference slip ring (upon all mobile rings)

62. static electricity dissipation system ( plasma arc box/ with reduction transformer to "drain" the plasma of

      electricity to the make the harvested electricity reusable

63. fuel less generator "bay " and mapping control electronics ( contain redundant air compressors to dump

      the travel coils and re-fill the main pressure sphere

64. electric valve dumps "travel coil" and re-fills the main pressure sphere

65. travel coil "active flow " one way valve pressure return coupling and port

66.  main pressure sphere

67. internal receiver / transmitter


68. pneumatic "start flow tube  connects the start valve to the pneumatic impeller, number 39 ( start valve connects to

      the main pressure pressure sphere.

69. pressure manifold ( vacuum accelerator)

70. vacuum accelerator pressure coil ( tube manifold)

Gravity Spin Pivot Engine System

* note "A" is the same as "A1  "  but force vectored in the opposite direction...

The placement of component  the mirror line then is reflecting the same components left as right upon the opposed sides of the mirror line as well as the mirror line mid..... Number 29 is the same as letter  "A" with all connecting flow and power systems the same discharging to the tapered end.

Note - high energy capacity requires static electricity dissipation system redundant.. Zero unwanted inductance required. magnetic filed insulation encasement also electrically non conductive encasement ( electrical insulator for all components then rated at the thermal operational rating.

Parts List

1. Thru bore electricity transference slip ring

2. mount assembly

3. thru bore electricity transference slip ring also contain communications and logic control circuits

    multi wire "bus" clip port on the stationary  outer 1/2 of the slip ring

4. pneumatic pressure tanks

5. static electricity grounding point mounts and plasma arc box dissipating static electricity 

6. return force static  counter measure "coil return tube feeds pressure to number 25 a pressure coupling with

    two outlet then directed to the two pressure chambers ,number 4

7. electric actuated pneumatic pressure feed valve feeds the system pressure only when excessive vacuum is

    produced thru number 8 effecting the core vacuum chamber to greatly / prevents vacuum

    chamber , number 9's collapse

8. vacuum switch... allows vacuum thruster "A1" to pull ultra low pressure within the vacuum chamber

9.  vacuum sphere

10. electric motor transonic compressor

11. pneumatic "Start" impeller also acts as a speed incline impeller

12. pneumatic transonic impeller and generator contains magneto to excite the generators field coil / voltage regulated

13. flow line / tube max pressure safety valve sensor reports actuation and dumps pressure via tube to the

      vacuum chamber to compensate for too high a pressure within the pressure storage tanks number 4

14. centrifugal pneumatic compressor "air pump" to then re pressurize the pressure storage tank, number 4

15. thrust venturi gate electric motor actuation also pneumatic actuation restricts venturi flow to increase

      pressure discharge

16. venturi restriction valve focuses displacement force

17. vacuum sphere ( negative pressure sphere)

18. R.P.M. sensor

19. electric motor

20. transonic impeller accelerates total system by velocity of flow

21. breaking disk caliper system / hydraulic

22. pneumatic flow tube

23. pneumatic flow tube

24. vacuum level indicator sensor reports to mapping electronics / control circuit governs systems parameters

25. pressure flow distributor

26. pressure feed valve / electric and manual actuation allows pressure from the pressure tank , number 4 to

      then fill the vacuum producing thruster

27. pressure retainer valve opens under high pressure acts as one war valve / natural position closed

      by coil spring assembly

28. displacement flow rate meter / electric reports to mapping system control electronics

29. hyper jet electric compound jet / draft accelerator speeds up upon suction with a generating impeller and a

      dual electric motor compressor at it's intake, contains R.P.M. sensor to then assist in speed regulation

      then via electronics regulation circuits

30. pressure sphere

31. pressure sphere over pressure max pressure safety valve vents pressure to the pressure tanks , number 4

32. force "static" off set counter measure a coiled perpendicular tube coil

33. pneumatic "Start" valve manual and electric actuation

34. mounting assembly tri-pod with locking bearing caps allows for 360 degree spin

35. pressure distribution valve with over pressure safety valve with sensor safety valve dumps via tube to the

      vacuum chamber

36. vacuum / pressure sphere mount bracket assembly lock bolts sum of 8 about 360 degrees

37. vacuum / pressure sphere mount bracket assembly lock bolts bolts to the bracket upon the sphere

      itself locking the bracket

38. thread bore upon vacuum / pressure sphere sum of 8 total

39. contour accepting bracket with gel interface to cause soft dock under compression of the mounting brackets

40.  install clamp track ( a servo boom with locking clasp grabs section at the point of illustration for installation

       along with the "ball end cap sphere number 41, then secured while tri-pod installation is being done .

41. installation "ball" over head boom gantry crane then clamps both ends for installation also with the robotic

      servo arms then clamp locking to number 40

42. field coil stator

43.  total system is 34 on main "baton" top drafting......

44. armature allows the total assembly to rotate 360 degrees

45. bolt

46. tri-pod

47. thrust baffle

* Note -  It is imperative that the system final casing be free to static electrical charge formed from velocity

              of the working "flow of pressure" ! Redundancy in the control of the static electricity for final systems casing

              is a good idea...

* Note- the gravity spin system listed directly above then as two total opposed systems to produce a center pivot

            for the craft to then rotate upon  as a center pivot. So that the the design is twice upon the total ship

            design but total force vectoring in opposite directions. The spherical position mobile then also used in

            tandem with the pivot system to stable rate of rotation an integrity of circumference as the spherical

            positional mobile will adjust the spin to stabilize the rotation as required...