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Bathroom Buddy

Ever run out of toilet paper?

Every year over 1,000,000 trees are destroyed... for toilet paper alone(wiki).

The solve is simple..... The Bathroom Buddy..... an air and water jet cleaner... to replace toilet paper....

Every year people encounter illness due to inadequate hand washing after using the bathroom. This is a "hands free" method of cleaning after using the toilet causing a cleaner  bathroom facility.

The system will come with a child safe wand holder  ( safety lid child proof ) that will contain a mild disinfectant liquid solution for the wand tip to be submerged in.

The design will pump air into the pressure tank by the flow of water.

The selector "buttons" are simply push valves.... with expansion springs to close the valves. If needing a little more drying time just let the water run and the system will self pressurize if needed.

* Note - The two "max pressure safety valves" are a "two stage pressure relief valves" with the first stage the venting into the drain of the toilet ( post toilet bowl ) or additional water storage tank , via connector tube... The second stage then venting outward to the  floor.

The dual component ( air and water ) safety pressure relief valve upon the pressure tank also contains a  "dip" straws ( two per stage) to vent the water ( one straw to just above the floor of the pressure tank submerged), the water pressure as well as the air pressure will maintain a close to stable constant level within the combined component dual component pressure tank.

The second stage, also in the same fashion with larger diameter vent tubes. The P.S.I. meter then acts as an "All Stop" . The components made of material that will not corrode. Stain less steel is a material of choice to keep the working parts functional. The air venting from the dual stage max pressure safety valve may also tube to the wand not having a valve but displacing / venting, via tube, upon the handle through vents.

The additional water storage tank then, also with over flow system, to vent / discharge water to the exterior of a dwelling to water a garden.... if, the water,  for human consumption a distillation system is required prior to ingesting.  

Following find the flow system for the cycle to operate.

For larger scale systems a 5000w ( 5Kw + / or greater) Ac generator may then be driven by the crank shaft gear then interfacing a smaller drive gear the connected to an Ac ( alternating current ) High voltage generator to then power a dwelling home or business... unlimited clean fuel less  electricity water for hospitals etc... great for disaster situations....

Additionally an air inlet valve after the dynamo hydraulic drive impeller and the hydraulic pump then tandem with the ratio gear set will allow, under high suction, air into the flow tube to "force stall" and prevent excessive run away effect. This will also aid in system speed regulation. The said additional air inlet valve will be by a dampener valve held closed by expansion spring and will open under high suction to allow air into the water flow tube.

Following find the  "dispenser wand" valve flow.... the "limiter" valve is critical and will contain a locking clamp to be set at a "system run" level to regulate the speed of the dynamo.

* Note if  "Long Run" time are applied included in this system is a capacitor system that will collect the static electricity and discharge the current via flashing lamp should static electricity form due to the flow of air or water.

* Note - The "open vent " air discharge tube may be added to the discharge flow to the wand tip actuated by the "air" button valve.

* Note - The "to" toilet tank flow outlet tube upon the screw cap tip replacement fitting  will not discharge into the toilet itself rather to then discharge into a water holding tank equipped with a fuel less dehumidifier powered by the dynamo. The water "line in / house line" then has a feed source directional valve upon the in input source. ( ie. municipal or additional water storage tank).

So one may select the municipal water source to fill the toilet's tank for flushing or the additional water storage tank source. This will be called also the "generator mode" allowing the system to cycle generating electricity and producing water . This feature allows the  "pressure cycle to produce toilet water from dehumidification using pressure to create electricity. This is advantageous in arid climates where water sources are scarce. An "upside down" water fall.