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Axis Guitar

Parts List

1. tuning machines and post round post

2. locking  nut

3. interactive video display ( head phone jack  1/8" )

4. flex mount video support bracket

5. pick up switch "toggle" three positions one both / slant  one

    pick up reduced

6. tone switch "toggle"

7. tremolo

8. on board digital effects processor slide switches (  first slide switch...wah wah , with finger "hoop" for

    active motion when  playing / distortion / gain / chorus /reverb / delay / flange / presets with program button

9. volume potentiometer

10. tone potentiometer pick up one

11. tone potentiometer both pick ups

12. On board wireless ( transmits to electronics connected to the amplifier

13.  Digital feed for the video display

14. guitar cable/ cord and jack 1/4 "

15. 1/4 " guitar jack into electronics bay powered by battery and or  a "bouncer liner

       generator " , ).

16.  low battery warning lamp

17. digital signal jack 

18. Pick guard

19. Guitar strap post ( locking )

20. Auto tune assembly ( automatically adjust the tuning of the guitar )

21.  fine tuning bridge ( locking )

22. hidden from front view post that wraps ie. strap around then mount lock to number 23

23. guitar strap post.


The head stock is symmetrical with the tuning pegs then positioned then allowing for equal distant stratification across the locking nut . The neck then in the style of a classical guitar with a slight tapper toward the head stock assembly. The truss rod then within the neck is adjustable from encased recess upon the back of the guitar.

The guitar is neck through body with the body then of a wide variety of material also containing hollow  cavatation to lessen the weight of the guitar. Insert weights are then able to be inserted into the guitar to too players choice. 

The fret markers are then indicated by dot inlays upon the trim edge of the neck facing toward the player. Both left hand and right hand models of guitars will display the fret markers up ward.

The actuation buttons for the on board sound effects are then placed upon the back on the guitar neck toward the head stock. Small indication lamps, ( led), indicating sound effect is on .., are then mounted upon each slide switch indicator display or atop the slide switches themselves... The slide switches then adjust the level of the sound effect.

The self adjusting tuning mechanism is then connected to the manual fine tuning screws then upon the bridge rotated by mechanical wheel and connection gearing system. The "on board" electronics processor  processor will then access the average "key" and adjust the strings tension to bring the guitar into to proper tuning. The actuation button will then be a thumb button placed upon the back of the guitar neck about the 7th fret. This allows for tuning adjustment while the song is being played. "On the fly"....

The same system then also as a Bass Guitar.