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Automotive Shock Absorber Drive System

The oil pressure within the wheel assembly shock absorber ( shock absorption hydraulic pneumatic suspension piston system)  provides the hydraulic fluid pressure to then cause the Hydraulic draft effect producing electricity to motivate the electric motor connected to the automotive multi gear transmission that rotates the car's wheels...

Note -  number 14 contains a battery to begin start up sequence then using number 10 in electric motor function.

Note - number 10 is a P.M. ( permanent magnet ) electricity generator Ac or Dc current production

Note - number 8 is the ratio gear set who's output rotation motivates the high speed hydraulic pump's internal pump "wheel" . The output rotation

           of number 8 motivates number 9's internal hydraulic pump "wheel".  The input rotation is then tandem to the hydraulic impeller

           number 7's internal hydraulic impeller  "wheel".