Automotive Proximity Sensor System

Observing the rush upon the interstate highways and the traffic density problems in urban environments  an advancement for safety is being presented. An automotive safety system as an "after market product" then able to be plugged into an open port upon the fuse block of an automobile that would then reference the cars speed ( via hall effect  R.P.M. sensor assembly then mounted to read the magnetic field of a clip on clamp mounted upon the drive shaft of the front wheel drive automobile) and cause a warning system to alert the driver that they are following to close for their rate of travel.

The electronics circuit board will calculate the rate of travel compared to the safe following distance using an ultrasonic sensor system to gauge the distance of the car in front of the automobile equipped with the advanced sensor system causing an audio warning  and flashing light within the automobile when the automobile is too close at  it's rate of travel.

The systems would then work for highway speeds and urban / rural environments. Additionally modes upon the circuit display system ( dashboard mounted )  to then adjust the device to factor for day and night settings also factoring, via selection buttons ,  good weather,  rain , heavy rain, fog, snow, and icing conditions, as the environmental conditions change the warning systems calculations.

The system would then cause an audio warring  also with flashing light ( for the hearing 

impaired ) to alert the driver that they are following to close compared to their rate of travel.

An advanced model then also containing a blind spot warning object detection system ,  a detected

object ( high speed automobile  or car in the fast lane),  causing a different color lamp within the audio warning flashing light system to activate. The alternate color lamp is illuminated then when high speed traffic is  approaching on the two lane road system, in the fast lane, to then alert the driver to prevent  pulling out to pass a vehicle in the slow lane causing a hazard.

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