Audio Traffic Light

Directional radio can assist drivers in many situations then if approaching a traffic light and or stop sign with a mounted transmitter atop the stop sign and or traffic light, by using an audio warning device within the automobile referencing the traffic light lamp position. ( with lamp / light level/ colors to indicate  traffic light conditions with audio tones...  red stop , yellow caution  and green for  the traffic light indicating a green light on the traffic light.... ( blue for police on call ,  white pulsing for rescue vehicles on call, and orange for fire truck on call ). Upon the pole or wire then transmitting a green signal upon the roadway suspended traffic light ),  within the automobile to alert the driver then approaching an intersection and or stop sign.  The on board automotive sensor system will cause different audio tones to then then alert the drives of the intersection... the system may then also be incorporated into a vehicle collision system then with pedestrian warning sensors / breaking as well. The sensor system will also be able to then cause adjusting merge conditions as the rescue vehicles will then use the merge lane while on merging traffic is then caused to be yielded before merging upon the on ramp. The on ramps have a pull over lane (  road shoulder ) also large enough for the emergency vehicles to then have access to the road... reference

If equipped by intercommunication systems  ( ie. radio transmitters within the automobiles that then can communicate with other ( via receiver )  vehicles to then act as a distributed traffic direction system when inclement weather the knocks the traffic light system off line) .

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