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Alternative Power System

The following design system is intended to replace the Utility "grid" electricity service with an alternate method of electricity production at high electrical current density. The design is high density high voltage production. 

Note -  The hydraulic fluid  within the ratio gear set's internal hydraulic impellers is the entering the low side of the ratio gear set then venting into the hydraulic impeller upon the high side of the ratio gear set to then cause a "draft" effect thus speeding the system up and regulating the total velocity by the flow restriction valve then controlled by electronica with an "all stop" safety fault system that references the systems electrical output and pressure levels via the systems pressure sensors.

There are a total of three drive belt upon this system then motivating the pulley. The large pulley then tandem rotating with the low side of the ratio gear set then causing rotation , via drive belt, for the armature of the generator with  magneto. The opposite side of the generator then  having two pulley with one belt then transferring rotation to the  high side of the ratio gear set and the other drive pulley upon the opposite end of the generator and magneto assembly then motivation the air compressor . The pulley ( sum of 2 ) are separated by electromagnetic clutches to allow for system slippage as not to bark the belt... this also allows for gentle incline regarding the forward advancement of the systems total speed.

The max pressure safety valves also contain electric pressure sensors that report to the system control electronics to allow for safe operation by adjusting the valves flow rate or the electromagnetic  clutches  current level.

The system "Starts" by an additional pneumatic flow tube then fed pneumatic pressure from the combined component oil and air pressure storage tank . The additional flow tube, containing spring retention valve that will gradually close via retention spring, is then directed into the ratio gear sets internal pneumatic impeller. the ratio gear sets internal pneumatic impeller is then tandem with the low side of the ratio. The retention valve  will gradually close via retention spring . The ratio gear sets internal pneumatic impeller is then venting to the ambient exterior air through filter and screen exhaust filter only for a short while. Manual start pressure may be filled at the max pressure safety valve via one way fill valve.

The generator for this system is gas sealed with inert noble gas ( Argon).  The electronics control boards contain a surrounding Faraday's cage and  correct ventilation  ( containing blower fans ) to cool the system.

Following please find the flow cycle top view....

Also in additional format...

The flow tubes also must be grounded and shock casings upon the stainless steel compressors and pumps.

Zero Ozone production ... gas sealed generators with inert noble gas  ( Argon).

An additional electric motor may then be added to the low side rotation of the ratio gear set then powered by a percentile of the generated electricity in the high voltage generator. This allows for "baug" compensation and increased overall speed also allowing for the system to operate at lower pneumatic pressure reducing the fatigue upon the air compressor.

The design will allow for external high voltage electricity ( volt regulated ) to as circuit breaker box.

The "run speed" of the generator system is then extrapolated from the current output of the generator also with safety fault to cause an "all stop" if the system has component failure. The circuit then monitoring prior to the voltage regulator also then designed not to damage the main voltage regulator.The component then measuring watts controlling the R.P.M. of the generator by adjusting the current to the electromagnetic clutches and the reintroduction of electricity to the additional electric motor within the ratio gear set and adjusting the hydraulic fluid flow restriction valve lowering the volume of fluid available.The "all stop" function will also close the hydraulic fluid flow at the dampener valve upon the fluid primary flow tube then reducing the intake volume of fluid to the ratio gear set's "counter tilt" hydraulic impeller.

Following find the system with the ratio gear set's internal "counter tilt" flow system illustrated. The smaller lines from the hydraulic flow valve then being tubes then venting pressurized fluid into the high

side ( output torque end  ) of the ratio gear set's internal hydraulic impeller. The said high side hydraulic impeller then tandem rotating with the output torque. The fluid discharge then directed via tube to the ratio gear set internal hydraulic impeller then tandem rotating with the low end ( input torque of the ratio gear set) with in the flow line / tube system then containing an over pressure safety valve ( also internal ) with the over pressure then channeled internally venting / discharging into the hydraulic combined component pressure tank with the over pressure fluid then merging with the exhaust flow tube post hydraulic pump labeled as  "A". The gear set then with actuation sensor upon the internal max pressure safety valve to then report to the logic processing internal speed regulation system to then restrict the hydraulic fluid flow within the main hydraulic  pressure delivery system by restricting the valve by electric actuation via positional solenoid.

Following please find the system then with main hydraulic pump then with dual hydraulic fluid exhaust also then venting into the combined component pressure storage tank with one flow tube the directed to an additional hydraulic impeller  ( located between the large pulley upon the generators assembly and and the air compressor's electric clutch assembly). The additional hydraulic impeller then is  tandem rotating with one side of the electric clutch upon the generators assembly then motivating  . The additional hydraulic fluid flow system is then rotating the large pulley by hydraulic fluid flow located upon the high voltage generator assembly.

*Note - Electrical grounding  ( chassis frame / generator / and all flow tubes "hydraulic and pneumatic" ) the design system also with  component, fracture / failure   "shock casings"  required within the design system.

Note - Upon all generating assemblies upon this html file an additional electric motor may be placed to compensate for the loading of the generator then feeding current to the additional electric motor as a percentile of the electricity produced with in the generator. The additional electric motor has an armature then tandem with the magneto's armature and will use the current, "volt regulated",  from the magneto and level controlled by potentiometer / variable resistor .. uses the  magnetos current twice first to the electric motor then volt regulated / current level controlled... then the current is directed via wires to the generator's stator / field coil  post final volt regulation, ( final volt regulation just for the generator field coil / stator).