The discharge of the additional "funnel" then is connected to the intake tube feeding air to number 5. As depicted the air filter intake will be
              circular with air flow from left and right as depicted and in addition a intake variable valve ( closed by coil spring ) that opens under high suction pressure where the air
             intake arrow is displayed upon the drafting.

            Also above the "funnel" a rotary compression "propeller"  force vectoring into the "funnel" then can be driven by the "funnel" pneumatic feed tube
            with adjustable variable flow valve to  regulate rate of air pressure impaling the circumference of the impeller as the circumference of the propeller is
            then an pneumatic impeller. Then the  feed tube driving the propeller 's impeller , by air pressure,  is then  fed air pressure from the air pressure tank also
            regulated by pneumatic valve.

            This system can then be improved by increasing the gearing amplification and counter acting the additional force by adding another pneumatic impeller to the drive shaft to
           the left of number 2 also connected tandem with the drive shaft and  pneumatic impeller , vacuum pump  number 2 . The additional pneumatic impeller  then using
           pneumatic pressure from  the storage tank... then  directing the   flow through  a control valve and into the additional pneumatic impeller then allows for greater
           gearing amplification then producing   greater vacuum to then advance the system in and at higher rotational rate to the counter act greater resistance from
           magnetic   field while generating electricity in the generator. Multiples of the addition can be added to the system until it carries the load addition could be
          10 additional impellers fed air pressure from the storage tank then allowing for a 1:300 ratio gear set...and so on then increasing the vacuum and drafting pneumatic pressure
          to cause rotation and re- pressurizing the storage tank at greater rate than the venting exhaust into the pneumatic impeller system.  The pneumatic compression cycle will then
           also increase in volume capacity to compensate for the additional exhaust being displaced.

 * Note - The max pressure safety valve will have upon it a pneumatic fitting that will allow for external use of flow addition to the environmental
              discharge max pressure safety relief valve.

* Note - the pneumatic fill valve is a one way valve ( prevents air pressure escaping the pneumatic pressure storage tank

* Note - pneumatic intake flow tube is a larger diameter that the pneumatic pressure tank discharge tube.

* Note -  The 1: 20 ratio gear set may also be modified with the addition of an electromagnetic clutch and or contain a larger ratio spread ie. 1:2 - 1:100  gear ratio or greater

* Note -  As an addition to this design to passively amplify the intake pneumatic pressure with an additional exhaust tube upon the pneumatic discharge tube "air out"  before
              the  discharge "manifold" ( the discharge manifold restricts the discharge of air pressure slightly ) then the additional pneumatic pressure tube is
              connected and directed to the inner chamber of the intake air filter into the large diameter open orifice of a "funnel"  (perpendicular to the funnel cone ) then
              injecting air at greater  velocity and pneumatic pressure  with  the said flow then causing adhesion by spiraling injection of pressure  acting also as a passive compressor
              upon the intake orifice.

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