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Airgen X-Type

* Note - number 6, 1:20 ratio gear set has the high side of the ratio gear set to number 5, this causing a drafting of

             hydraulic pressure compounding the system  velocity also with the assistance of the pneumatic displacement

             of pneumatic pressure across pneumatic impeller number 27.

* Note -  current produced in number 7 is fed to the mapping logic circuit board and allow the electromagnetic clutch

              to be energized causing hydraulic  fluid (oil ) to then counter act the resistance produced within the ratio gear

              set also drafting then the pressurized fluid causing system acceleration and producing fuel less electricity.

* Note - instrument cluster and display gauges  ( on - off ) are upon surface of number 25.

* Note -  Number 25 also contains circuit breakers....for electrical current output.

* Note -  Number 40 is en electromagnetic clutch so that it does contain a pressure plate clutch disk and mating

     is called electromagnetic because the  pressure plate "dis-engagement " 

              ( ie like the clutch pedal being depressed ) is caused by solenoid with wrapped coil spring around one of the

              dual shafts  emanating from the solenoid. Solenoid coil spring pressure causes  disengagement of the clutch

              disk assembly and the solenoid  "energized"  then engages the  clutch assembly also compressing the coil spring.

             Wire "bus" number 40 from the max pressure safety pressure relief valve will then cause reduction in

             current  to the solenoid allowing the disengagement of the clutch.

             Rotational out put of the clutch then rotates the 1:20 ratio gear set and the rest of the connected
             assembly upon drive shaft "A". A hydraulic "slave" cylinder may also be used to dis engage the clutch assembly

             then actuated  by the pneumatic pressure causing  the compression on the "slave" then allowing for the clutch

             to dis from a chamber it will release limited amount of air to engage the clutch.  

* Note - To hyper  "wind" ( as in "wind" up clock ) place A high speed electric motor  caller "R"( fed by % , percentile of

              number 7's electricity output)  plus  pneumatic impeller ( both connected )  at left end for drive shaft "A" and 

             direct pneumatic pressurized exhaust from number 28 into the additional pneumatic
             impeller with the exhaust of the additional impeller then directed  by pneumatic pressure tube into the

             combined   (oil and air pressure ) storage tank ..

             Also  it will require additional max pressure air pressure  safety

             relief valves..... ie. on the combined pressure tank and  before the additional pneumatic
             impeller ( then exterior venting )  followed  upon the flow tube by a directional valve that can switch between

             exterior "venting"  ( for start up to initiate system cycle )  then the electric  valve will  switch to line ( tube ) flow

             then pressure flow past a one way valve that  prevents  pneumatic pressure from  escaping the tank  then post

             one way valve then into the  combined pressure storage tank.
             ( this can occur closed due  to hydraulic fluid compounding pressure )

             The intake system will then also have  to be modified to diffused wide intake to cause lower intake suction
              vacuum. Now the system will draft   ( hydraulic fluid and pneumatic pressure). The math equation will

              exceed material selection mechanical tolerance ...caution must be used when implementing this design ! A

              impact  casing shield for mechanism failure ( component fracture ) will also be required.

* Note -  Installation  of a "cross" pump will be installed at flow pipe intersection ...pneumatic impeller on pneumatic

             flow tube post number 8 before number   19  as a pneumatic impeller then connected to a 1:2 ratio gear set

             with the high side of the gear set then accelerating a hydraulic pump advancing the
             hydraulic oil in tube number 31 before number 13.

             An additional pneumatic max pressure safety valve will be

             installed upon the flow tube into the  additional said impeller to allow for pneumatic decompression to keep the

             flow tube within it's mechanical tolerance. also ad an addition if the additional "cross" pump
             will be installed added to the assembly a generator and or a magnetic field clutch can be installed upon the high

             side of the 1:2 ratio gear set...with the  additional electricity  produced fed to electric motor "R".