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Portable Aireation Buoy

Currently the world faces massive fresh water problems. The reduction to practice then using a fuel less generator to distill ocean water with the capacity to then not reintroduce the harvested sea salt back into the ocean is a necessary step to take for general security. The design serves multiple functions. Having an additional salable product then produced from the system's implementation will then reduce the burden of financial obligations while also acting as an insurance policy for the worlds fresh water supply.

Parts List

1. fuel less flight drone ( contains the ability to accommodate passenger ) circumference

    illumination "lamps / marker lamps"( lamps atop letter "E" all of them and upon the sum of 8 frame support

    systems then just below the transmitter receiver antenna number 60

2. core system oceanic distillation system with vacuum sale dry system with forced air heating to dry salt

3. communications array / navigation systems

4. disk lifter aero space system

5. spherical positional mobiles ( containing disk lifter  sealed force vectoring pseudo "anti gravity"

6.  horizontal disk lifter systems polar array about 360 degrees in banks of 2 ( 12 total banks - also aligned for

     retro slowing force as well as forward flight )

7. circular toroid hydrogen peroxide storage tank

8. flight drone docking alignment sensor

9. hydrogen peroxide feed tube

10. pressure sensor of flow tube with illumination lamp - deck lighting upon each of 8 vertical supports ( right

      side depiction - left side depiction sum of four vertical members the polar arrayed about the center  point

      mirror line

11. guide hoop

12. inner flotation toroid ( contains systems functions as lettered)

13. guide hoop

14. cable and enriched air hose reel ( motorized ) lowers submersible bubbler unit

15. electromagnet flight drone locking ( hard mechanical ) docking alignment system

16. vacuum pumping system (electric)

17. vacuum discharge vacuum exhaust vent

18. vacuum system vacuum pumps

19. electric motor

20. air under air pressure high velocity air injection matrix

21. fresh water tank

22. evaporator for the refrigeration system

23. hot  plate " boiler plate" electric resistance heating only

24. electric resistance heating elements 480v ( electric arc furnace )

25. rotating stir grid - circular

26. electric motor - rotates number 25

27. generator  "bay" electronics "bay" - systems control circuits logic circuits  also contains navigation

28.  electric resistance heating elements ( preheat )heating elements

29.  hot salt water control valves

30. submersible electromagnet locking ( mechanical ) docking guide system aligns with magnets and

      hard locks mechanical

31. salt water intake filter and hard intake grid

32. enriched O2 air pressure tube

33. submersible fuel less generator systems

34. submersible lander feet hinge

35. spherical positional force vectoring mobile with disk lifter  drive system

36. submersible bubble unit ( aireation unit)

37. sensor sensitive lander foot

38. bubble discharge  "head"

39. toroid H2O2 ( hydrogen Peroxide ) tank

40. float ring ( toroid) ring connector support "frame" polar array with circumference the 16" segments

      upon the outer circumference

41. rubber lander foot sum of 8 about the polar array

42.  rigid weave fiber glass mat

43.  hard fiber glass

44.  combined cable  and air  feed/ cable safety/ and information wire cord encapsulated as one  "rope"

45. stainless steel cable

46. shielded air intake

47. static electricity ground box  "plasma box " contains sensor and static electricity dissipation system

48. refrigeration systems contains switch valves refrigerant storage and condenser also environmental

      controls ( cabin heat and cabin air conditioner cooling exchangers

49. reel support frame  support "arm"

50. air  feed hose to combined composite air feed hose

51. air fitting with additional pneumatic pressure feed swivel / so that air is able to be constantly fed to the

      entire reel of hose as it unwinds

52. rivet points

53. heated ladder rung heated to prevent icing

54. hand rail ( heated ) to prevent icing

55. heated deck ( non slip surface)

56. extension rope with flotation

57. ocean bobber rescue buoy

58. valve

59. cross grid decking open port allows water to drain

60. communications antenna transmitter receiver

61. cable guide port

62. diffused water intake manifold