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This electric jet concept is a Hybrid aircraft. To reduce the consumption of jet fuel the aircraft has incorporated three electric jet engines.  The wing mounted electric jet engines work on the system displayed below powered by a motivator class design.

 The third electric jet engine is mounted between the tails diagonal elevators and acts as an emergency  engine.  The electric jet system is designed to self sustain rotation. The diagram below is the aft emergency system.

 From start current and pressure, the pneumatic flow vents unto an impeller attached to a redesigned electric motor and generator assembly.  The current produced is fed to the electric turbo prop assembly. The turbo prop assembly is an electric motor with advancing field coil dragged by a slipping electromagnetic clutch.

  The turbo prop assembly is also attached to a pneumatic centrifugal compressor and accelerates the pneumatic flow unto an impeller attached to the field coil driving the generator assembly. A secondary generator on the field coil side of the assembly powers the aircraft electrical systems and a hydraulic pump accelerated hydraulic flow to operate the flaps. The back up system for the flaps is a pneumatic system and it is also accelerated by the generator assembly.  The system does contain three batteries and charging systems.

In addition to the design below the plane would also have 10 electric jet engines to hover land in case of emergency or inclement weather. Also the primary exciter will be in the motivator class designs listed on our site with the motivators driving generators to power the electric jet engines also listed on this site.

 The hover engines are distributed as follows: 4 engines behind the cockpit (with passage between)
                                                                       2 engines behind the wings at fuselage
                                                                       4 engines aft fuselage section

The aerodynamics will only be slightly effected by the hover system because the engines are contained within the fuselage of the aircraft. All engines will be vectoring downward with double component shielding to protect from compressor failure