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Air Car
 Parts list

1. mid-size sprocket
2. small tension sprocket
3. chain
4. large sprocket
5. 1:4 ratio gear set
6. oil pump
7. "hall effect" R.P.M. sensor
8. brushes and brush track
9. primary generator current "pick up" (armature)
10. fixed field coil primary generator
11. advancing field coil
12. electric motor armature
13. commutator
14. pneumatic impeller
15. pneumatic turbo compressor
16. large pulley
17. belt
18. tension pulley
19. small pulley
20. pneumatic impeller
21. mapping control computer
22. battery charger
23. permanent magnetic high voltage generator
24. electric motor
25. battery tank
26. electric slide valve
27. pneumatic pressure storage tank
28. max pressure safety valve and P.S.I. sensor
29. piston type electric air compressor
30. one way valve
31. tension spring
32. large pneumatic turbo compressor
33. pneumatic flow tube


This design is really a hybrid system containing a pressurized pneumatic system and an electric drive train. These systems work in tandem to produce fuel less electricity to power an unlimited range electric car that will charge itself.

This system is using air pressure to cause constant rotation of an electric generator.  The system is counteracting the resistance produced when generating electricity.

 From "Start" current provided by the battery current is fed to number 24, 11 and 12. When at operating speed, determined by the mapping computer, the primary generator's fixed field coil is energized by number 23. The primary generator then feeds current , controlled by the mapping computer, to it's internal electric motor. This action then shuts off current feed from the battery.

 Current post primary generators internal electric motor then feeds current to number 24 and also shuts off the current from the battery. The battery charger and mapping computer are then fed current post fixed field coil on the primary generator.

 Number 23 feeds current to the external application being the forward electric motor and transmission systems that propel the car. The mapping computer senses P.S.I. of air pressure at number 28 and activates number 29 to cause required operating air pressure.

 Numbers 1,2,3,6,and 4 are within a case to retain the oil. Low tension circuits are fed current for lights horn etc. from the transformer within the battery charger.

 The pneumatic flow lines are grounded to dissipate static electricity produced from the pneumatic flow. Also the small circles on the core shafts are required sealed bearing points.

This design also contains a magnetic field insulator within the primary generator so that it divides the primary generators armature (current "pick up" ) from the primary generators interior electric motor ...It shields the primary generators interior electric motor field coil.

This design can also be modified by reversing number 16 and number 19 so that the small pulley is attached to the pneumatic compressor assembly and the large pulley is attached to the electric motor / generator assembly.

The mapping computer will also control the intensity of the field coils for both the primary generator and the permanent magnetic generator. The field coils are adjustable intensity.

*Note* a correction to number 5 in the schematic above. Number 5 reads 1:4 ration gear set and should read 1:4 ratio gear set...I'm not perfect...