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Air Bike


The Max pressure relief valve between the two pneumatic compressors also has a directional flow valve upon the base of the valve to allow the pneumatic velocity flow to then motivate move a de - humidification system under the Bike motor for clean water when exploring on the bicycle.... scooter...

The drive chain / sprocket system is encased within an oil retainer ( silicone oil / non conductive , non flammable )  and the case does vent....2 oil reservoirs so that laying the bicycle / scooter on it's side will not spill the oil...

The front wheel upon the bike would then have an electric assist motor above the wheel connected by drive belt and pulley system and or oiled chain and sprocket system.  This would then cause the advancement of zero point of applied magnetic pressure  ( bicycle already in motion by rear wheel ) causing an advancing of the wheel.

The max pressure  pressure relief valve upon the air pressure tank is a two stage pressure relief valve the first stage venting process vents pneumatic pressure into a tube with adjustable flow valve controlled by handle bar hand grip "throttle" via steel cord in sheath..

The over pressure safety valve first stage venting via tube  connected to a variable position pneumatic valve that has coil spring retainers keeping the valve closed,  another tube then venting  from the valve with restriction tip venturi into " V"  upon the 1 of the 1:20 ratio gear set. ( ratio may increase,  1: 50 , 1:75,  1:150  etc....if required depending upon application ie. specific to design implementation )..pneumatic impeller casings also contain over pressure safety valves.

The second stage of the over pressure safety valve vents to the exterior ambient air. "V" upon high side of the gear set also then acts as a pneumatic compressor advancing the system by drafting pressure... causing electrical current production for motivation... note the ratio gear set may also have an electric motor in tandem with the low side of the ratio fed electrical current by the "generator ( permanent magnet and or Ac , alternating current generator with magneto... for Ac current production ).

This flow system also may be modified to then have an additional flow tube from the pneumatic pressure storage tank connected into a valve that then connects to another tube venting through a venturi flow restriction tip into a pneumatic impeller then attached in tandem to the generator to then counter act the resistance from the magnetic field while generating.

An additional flow cycle from the  added outlet flow tube at the one way valve post "V"  would then "t"  ( slightly angled for less velocity resistance ) would then also route through a pneumatic valve with spring resistance ( keeps the valve closed ) and the air flow would then vent through venturi flow restriction tip and vector into the impeller then attached ( rotating in tandem ) to the generator then to accelerate the system to produce more electrical current to feed to an additional electrical motor to motivate a transmission to propel an automobile.

The automobile model would also then modify the part of sprocket to wheel as depicted and the wheel would then become a pulley ( positioned in the inverse position  flipped 180 degrees from position depicted,  for automobile model also with flow cycle then to fit automotive engine / motor compartments.) rotating the required automotive components ( alternator , power steering, power break pumps, air conditioner compressor ) via drive belt system..

Also as an addition a pneumatic impeller then tandem with the intake air compressor post air filter to reduce resistance from the rotational effect of using a ratio gear set would then be applied and fed regulated "valved" pneumatic pressure from the pneumatic pressure storage tank. The additional said pneumatic impeller then would use a 20% - 40%  diameter flow tube to the 100% intake flow tube coming from the air filter and then vent into the added generator pneumatic impeller upon the opposite side of the drive chain side of the generator then venting to open air.