Agricultural Grow Tube

The "Agricultural Grow Tube" is an advancement for the home gardener. The system is a greenhouse that contains de-humidification systems and climate control within the "dome "end caps". The design is able to float  if necessary. Floods sometimes ruin gardens and in a disaster situation food is a critical issue .. so protecting the garden makes sense.The design allows for plant to be grown in an organic manor avoiding pesticides also allowing for augmented illumination via the grow light then powered by fuel less electrical generation with the generator system contained in the end cap dome.

The design may also be able to increase the CO2 level in a controlled fashion keeping the air mix congruent.  The end caps have the ability to maintain optimal temperature and humidity level within the tube to insure the best conditions for the plants contained within the tube.  The watering system then may be set upon an automatic times to gauge the amount of water as per the type of plant contained within the tubes.

The "tube" is then constructed of a non yellowing poly carbonate acrylic mix in a laminate to increase the structural strength of the tube.

The planter hemisphere pot then are of a size easy enough for a single person to manage also with  hand grips then contained at the quadrant points then at zero and 180 degrees allowing for a person to "roll" the planter in place before closing the tube. The wheels are mounted upon swivel mounts to allow for multiple direction position.

The grow lamp is a multi bulb low watt plant grow light.

The end cap has the ability to purge the air within the tube on a timer.

As a large scale modification motorized post that contain timers and self sustained generator and motorized wheels at the zero and 180 degree quadrant points may then push the total "rack of pots through tubes that are connected together yielding a constant ripe food constant out flow....

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