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Geoengineering - Climate Change Mitigation

 Well so many said anti gravity is impossible. Yet  sealed thrust vessels are possible.
Imagine two balloons with in the other . The inner balloon a higher pressure range
and when force vector discharge occurs ..the inner balloon rises within the larger balloon.
The result is lifting of the outer balloon.  As long as the pressure cycle is sustained the reaction lifts the vessel.  Over unity hyper winding electric engines can sustain
the required force vectoring. You can lift with just air pressure cycled correctly...and in addition (for long range flight)...

Our idea involves the compression of electrons.  If a charged plasma at high density can be sustained  with a fuel less electrical generator then it is possible to cause the collection of current at the low end of a force vectored system. The current would then recycle in the system feeding cycling pressure to the top or "high end" of the lifter.   The design envisioned is a correct pendulum with high pressure force vectored within a sealed system towards the low pressure end of the lifter where the current  and plasma is extracted causing a low pressure effect.

 So using a particle accelerator to "pressurize electricity in argon...plasma...then can achieve a high percentile the speed of light then venturi restriction by magnetic field and the velocity is then channeled into another particle accelerator speeding up the current flow in the primary particle accelerator / field compressor (main line) so that the speed compounds with pressure. So it's (plasma / electrons) compressed by particle accelerator and the speed in the main line compressor is amplified by plasma / electron pressure post venturi restriction. This then feeds speed to reaction

Even with super cooled conduits to reduce resistance materials will heat and this slows the speed within the reaction....can a plasma become conductive? think  of electricity at "solid" pressurization level....and then can you compress a solid? Since the electrons and their shield will only pressurize to certain safe level ...What are the dynamic properties of high density electricity combined in an inert argon plasma? :)

 The beam produced post venturi is also in physical and dual magnetic confinement.  The argon / electron plasma will be cooled post venturi causing a reversal of expansion by cooling the argon. This will occur outside the physical containment post magnetic venturi. The pressure will be.cooled and reintroduced into the system. The main line compressor/ particle accelerator. cooling systems must be redundant and also in addition an  operational pathway with using the ambient temperature of space. The "low pressure effect" will also be amplified by loading a motor system connected to a generator system that will put higher current back into the electron emitters in the high pressure side on the main line compressor. You will "baug- out " or "place loading" to cause evacuation of electricity to cause "low electrical pressure effect".

The containment of energetic plasma must have redundant containment systems. The system will have the physical containment with dual magnetic field containment. The primary field will be used for containment and focusing of the energetic plasma and the secondary field containment will be of greater magnitude than the primary field to insure containment. A pressure dump safety system will also be incorporated within the design.

Thermal effects must be designed for as well as quantum tunneling of electrons. The "main line" compressor will have magnetic field confinement as well as the compression by compounding field rate and a circuit catch system to channel the quantum tunneling into a safe function.

This is very different from an ion engine because the charged gas is not evacuated from the space craft.  It in effect would be a sealed hover craft.

Things to consider......particle behavior at high velocity under pressure....will they come apart? particle soup?

It may be able to obtain a pressurized Syphon effect with the flow of high energy plasma within the eletro - static compressor.

If you could compress a lightning bolt to the size of a pea then poke a hole in confinement for it to force vector what speed does it reach with a compounding system within it's flow cycle? :)

Think about it if you had an electric self sustaining generator on an electric helicopter and a tube of air you could fly to the moon...well cycle the air in a sealed container and lift fuel less taking the air pressure with you. The high speed electron compression devices for force vectoring are similar to particle accelerators that use passive compression through venturi restriction like a nozzle on a water hose, to increase the speed of magnetic compression ,the pumping of electrons and  oh yea sealed system return to cycle the "pressure". If speed is then compounding will it be able to force vector an electron past the speed of light? hint..... :)

 Also must be noted when in use the L.S.E. ( Light  Speed Engine) you must account for safety regarding particle permeation from outside the system i.e. for example neutrinos / dark matter (density is a random variable) , dark energy and the charge of "empty" space.  These things effect operations safety for engine system confinement ...also note expansion of mass near or at the speed of light....for system safety.

This also might sound like a far out idea but we ,in time, would like to design a system to grow space stations in space with algae plastics produced in space.....if an asteroid is used as the base mass and modified with a plastic super frame then the metals harvested from the asteroid to complete a large station in space massive ships can be built cost effective. We do need,in time a lunar balance mechanism so use a space station as a gravity tractor to correct the expanding lunar orbit.

Within the scope of the design systems we will produce a three planet solve will be attained..If Mars dirt is lifted and transported to Venus and Co2 is extracted from Venus and returned to the planet Mars then ...with the addition of frequency core heaters(might restart Mars core for magnetic fielding augmented with magnetic shield satellites) a three planet system that will support human life will occur.. Financing can be attained from mining precious metals from asteroids.