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Advanced Vacuum Cleaner

The advanced Vacuum Cleaner is a light weight portable vacuum that is it's own power source once started by pneumatic pressure obtained by manual compression of the handle hand pump.

The design then "hover floats" upon a cushion of air to then stir the dirt within the carpet getting embedded hard to lift  debris up into the vacuum chamber.

The air pressure tank and control handle then mount to a hard mounted clip upon the back of the vacuum.

Parts List

1.  air pressure out flow manifold  ( cause the vacuum "pick up" to hover  )

2. vacuum intake

3. bristle brush

4. vacuum hose

5. filtered air out flow tube

6. manual air pump

7. air intake filter

8. locking pivot "hinge"

9. system electronics access contains resistors and number 17 contains electrical charging port.

10. vacuum velocity rate control variable resistor / potentiometer

11. one way flow valve

12. air pressure hose

13. air pressure tank

14. max pressure over pressure vent valve

15. pneumatic "start valve" causes the system spin to begin

16. permanent magnet dynamo

17. voltage regulator

18. potentiometer / variable resistor

19. pneumatic impeller

20. electric motor  "brush less" transonic impeller

21. venturi

22. electromagnetic slip clutch ( regulates maximum speed )

23. electric motor  "brush less" transonic compressor

24. hard port casing air flow channel

25. air filter

26.  sponge filter

27. lamp on/ off switch

28. vacuum pick up swivel angle

29.  inductance control "static electricity" dissipation system dumps to the lamp

30. venturi ground point connects to the "static electricity control system"

31. 1:10 ratio gear set high side rotation tandem rotating with number 23

32. electromagnetic slip clutch potentiometer


The above depiction to then also aid in domicile cleaning in areas that do not have access to electricity. The ozone formation problem form electric motors is solved by slight  plastic coat upon the systems stator / field coil windings.

The system may also then by the electrical out put receptacle may also be use to power micro dehumidification . water distillation