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Advanced Popcycle Stick

The following two design then assemblies of four union joined and top tied at the top magnet with the cross stick then with the top magnets having greater magnetism then the lower two sets... with less weight. Amplify "resonance with the springs to then cause lift..contains  linear generators ( stator lower stick - armature upper stick union point. that can cause top electromagnets to then increase in magnetism by then becoming an electromagnet. The linear generators are then about the popcycle stick lower sticks to generate electricity when the sticks are vibrating.. the cross sticks then have system center electromagnet top side and outer system case then connects to additional fixed magnet also as electromagnet  in line with the center magnet at higher level aligned magnetically to attract. Ultimate top magnet higher magnetism."floating internal vibrator union by rubber re-tension connectors are shock dampeners connecting to the first ring of the spherical positional mobile , electrical current levels regulated. primary lift towers then are connected to the outer ring as tube containing an electromagnet repulsive to the casing mount repellent polarity  or attracting polarity casing tower electromagnetic ..." lift stabilizer / tilt steering...."..same for horizontal motion in circular array... tower mounting spherical containing two sets of electromagnet per tower one set repulsive  one set attracting. Vibration system contained in spherical three ring mobile outer pivot then the fixed point with the aligned with the casing ultimate top magnet. Total assembly  twice ( aligned in opposite directions  then  within the center ring upon the power servo ring mobile... to aid in vector control and additional low electromagnets assembly upon the outer mobile ring.. The lower magnets upon the sticks may also be electromagnet variable pulse intensity keeps it bouncing....