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 Advanced Mail Truck

The following "Advanced Mail Truck"  is a design system to then cause the reduction of the price of postage and shipping parcels.  Currently the mail delivery system is per cost of operation / fuel / labor/ insurance/  failing economically... constantly running financial deficits. The correction is being presented... An "Active" generation fuel less electric vehicle with AWD (all wheel drive) to the be able to function in inclement road conditions. The design has many safety features that current mail trucks are missing...  such as a slide out stop sign ( final sign position then as per drafting... in a rotated 90 degree fashion / in the drafting positioned so that one could clearly understand.

The "Advanced Mail Truck"  is then  implementing a blow tube to then, by the force of air pressure, allow the postal worker to remain within the heated or air conditioned mail truck and get the letter in the box. The interior "sort servo robot" is then able to lift ( vacuum ) and read the mail to ensure correct location delivery then placing the mail in the blow tube. The blow tube has an appendage to open and close the mail box door..

The design provides for maximum road visibility with a curved windshield constructed with safety glass..

the design also provides for superior frontal impact resistance with a shock dampener steering column that has impact padding and will flex in the advent of a crash. The driver will also be protected by the honey comb carbon graphite within the rail of the chassis to provide for force deflection "force shatter" thus keeping the passenger compartment safer.

The vehicle also then implements a "load stacker conveyor" system to store additional mail bins along the length of the vehicle. This also allows for greater capacity of mail per truck and allows for greater speed in the function thus reducing the total  number of trucks saving money on fuel also to then allow the vehicle to operate with a low profile tow trailer to then replace the large semi truck upon the road way.

The design has the capacity to then also ship refrigerated goods for food transportation.

The design comes standard with a forward mounted electric snow blower and electric wench with wench cable and hook.

Placing the passenger's position in this fashion also then increase the side impact resistance as the wheels also act as force  barriers then deflecting the shock should a side impact occur.   Vehicle "roll over" protection is then also increased due to the conveyor belt support system then being of rigid steel.  One of the advantages of using a "active" generation system for an electric automobile is that safety does not have to be compromised for fuel economy allowing for more crash resistance then not having to factor the weight of the vehicle vs. mileage to compete with a "final retail" sale price.....

The design also implements a "slide out drawer for both the "Active" generator" system  ( open aft of ease of maintenance ) and a "side "slide out drawer for the electric motor system then connected to the transmission propelling the automobile. Both "slide out drawer systems" will then have placed in the tool bay a set of roller wheels that bolt on for control of the weight of the system when using the slide out drawers.


The "slide out drawers" are also then balanced ( ie. a counter balance weight will then keep the weight from the drawer's extension causing  damaged when extending or opening the drawer). Upon the rear "slide out drawer" the  bumper mount cap and license plate and lamp assembly has to be removed before opening the drawer.. ( a modus operandi safety feature).

The vehicle comes with an exterior force wind screen the blowing high velocity air across the exterior of the windshield to assist the windshield wiper system in providing greater visibility.

The Vehicle may also be used as a farm implement as a seeding tractor then using the dual function snow blower as a dirt plow and the  blower tube as a seed  distribution system with the seed stock then in the mail containers the harvesting equipment then attached to the detachable tow package. ..


It's interesting currently public vehicles sit stationary then being "single function systems" ,  when.., if... multi function systems are used the adaptation would allow for 24/7 use of the vehicle then assisting in reducing hunger..... many public soup kitchens and emergency / disaster relief  food systems  ( food pantries for the poor "organic food" school lunch programs ) are financially having difficulty providing what is necessary due to the cost of production of produce also the transportation cost a factor when so many are in need....

Parts List

1. slide out "stop sign" red and clear light ( clear light upon the stop sign )

2. rear bumper

3. license plate

4. license plate lamp housing

5. outer slide guide poles for the stop sign to slide out upon

6. tail and break lamps redundant bulb circuits with fail indicator upon the dash also actuates

    with the vehicles hazard lamp function

7. "Active" generator slide drawer release latch with lock indicator as a safety sensor

8. side and rear marker lamps also as "turn signal indicator lamps containing Hazard lamp function)

9. drive chain and conveyor roller

10. rear hatch with defroster by electric resistance heater element within the rear safety glass

11. electric drive motor for the "load conveyor" bi- directional rotation

12. hinge

13. breaking and tail lamp housing ( redundant bulb with bulb failure fault indicator upon the

      dashboard ) also actuates with the vehicles hazard lamp function

14. communications and radio antenna

15. cyclops ( center breaking lamp ) and marker lamps ( both outer corners ) also actuates with the

      vehicles hazard lamp function

16. drive chain

17. mail sort robot

18.  conveyor belt tension adjustment screw

19. pusher conveyor optical sensor ( assist in determining the position of the push bar upon the conveyor ) to
      then cause the upper conveyor correct position for the mail crate to then be lifted into position

20. mail crate pusher solenoid ( slides the mail crate off of the lift platform , number 129 and onto

      the "upper conveyor, number 79

21. optical recognition sensor with data storage  logic electronics for the pusher solenoid and conveyors

      operation / conveyor motor control and sort robot electronic logic systems as well as the climb

      motor ( rides the guide poles with attached electrically motorized rubber wheel that has spring pressure

      forcing contact with the guide poles

22. guide pole ( sum of two ) to then allow for the lift platform to rise level by motorized wheel and motor

23. rear side window

24. wheel roller conveyor cap contact surface mounting points to the interior side wall of  the vehicle

25. mail crate - has attached  rubber strap and hooks that attach to the walls of the truck keeping the "active" mail crate in place when in transit and until the mail crate has been emptied...from within the vehicle with the sort robot then in correct position then the empty mail crate is stacked  and secured to the aft compartment door number 61 under the fold out seat mounted upon the door, number 61

  The  reach may be far for some so a tool for reaching and grabbing the empty bin ( mail crate)  will then be fashioned and stowed upon the interior wall of the truck opposite side of the blow bar.

26. sort robot "head" contains sensor for position / suction for letter lifting/ data recorder camera - puts

      "out going" mail and "return to sender" mail  back into a mail crate within number 181 after being sucked

      from the mail box via the blower tube.

27. conveyor roller bar ( sealed bearing races )

28. conveyor  belt tension adjustment screw

29. roller wheel ( along the full length of the conveyors...)

30. pusher bar

31. solenoid mail box door opener mounting allows for multi pivot position to allows opening of different

      height of mail box / tilt / elevation / for use with a mail box door ice shield... an additional part...

32. wheel roller conveyor cap contact surface mounting points to the interior side wall of  the vehicle

33. electric solenoid extender solenoid

34. air pressure / vacuum flow tube

35. Alternator / dynamo  combination unit ( generator)

36. tension pulley

37. air conditioner refrigerant compressor

38. pulley break fluid pump with vacuum pump for vacuum booster

39.  pulley tandem with the main electric motor's armature

40. drive belt

41. sprocket  connected to the "main electric motor"  that is a dual shaft electric motor ( the armature shaft extends from both ends of the electric motor one end rotates the drive belt system the other end is then connected to the automotive transmission system

42. drive chain 

43. automotive automatic transmission with torque converter rotational torque input shaft sprocket

44.  air compressor ( rotary) style with electric clutch ( does not run all the time)

45.  automatic transmission rotational torque out put drive shaft cup
46.  tool storage

47.  automatic transmission mounting assembly ... ( within locking slide rack drawer )

48. horizontal blow tube motivator contains electric motors and assembly , number 127,145,and 147

49. Automatic automotive transmission

50. automatic transmission mounting assembly ... ( within locking slide rack drawer )

51. automatic transmission rotational torque out put drive shaft cup

52. pulley ( upon both extended drive shaft ends of the electric motor, number 56

53. exterior landing step

54. electric resistance heating element

55. interior steps (sum of two)

56. bi-directional electric motor with "cable tension" electric motor position screw and lock nut system

57. driver seat advancement steel cable ( right side drive or center seat drive systems) positions the seat in

      the slide

58. driver seat  retraction steel cable

59. driver seat retraction distance

60. aft compartment  door hinge

61. aft compartment door

62. outer door handle ( doors both sides )

63. blow tube mounting hinge / and positional motivators by electric servo motors

64. hand rail ( both sides ie. left side of the truck and right side of the truck)

65. interior door upper half "window"

66. blow tube positional electric motor and drive gear

67. blow tube positional electric motor and drive gear

68. gear track with interior retainer to compress the blow tube positional electric motors drive gears to the

      gear track

69. exterior door window

70. refrigeration electric refrigerant compressor

71. refrigeration condenser

72. hazard rotation yellow safety lamp system sum of four lamps weather safe housing

73. translucent light penetrating "sun roof" to aid in Uv light being able to disinfect and illuminate the

      interior of the vehicle

74. exterior refrigeration condensed air inlet venting assist in cooling the condenser

75. refrigeration refrigerant pressure tank connects via flow tubes to the electric valve switching system

76. electric blower fan ( force vectored to the rear of the vehicle ) with internal water pump pulls cold

      air across the evaporator and internal vehicle cold air "heat exchanger" while also collecting the

      water condensation  and sending it to the  water bottle in the tool bay via hose.

     The tool bay water bottle has over flow to drain to the road way) This keeps the cold air and dry feeding

      it to the vehicles cold air vents. The blower fan then vector discharging to the rear of the vehicle will

     allow for high speed fresh cold air  to then be pushed via the air return tube sending the cold air at velocity

     into the cab  of the vehicle.

     The "return tube" is the cold air "heat exchanger".( *note - number 179 then also contains an

      electric blower fan to then close cycle vent CO2 ( carbon dioxide) out of the vehicle then

     emitting  "used air" to the the exterior of the vehicle).

77.  louvered venting cable lever actuation

78.  air conditioning system

79. upper conveyor belt

80. upper conveyor wall mount system

81. Uv  light " clean lamp

82. front market lamps  sum of five across the top to the vehicle

83. forward access hatch ( egress for electric motor maintenance

84. electric motor and roller gear ( for sun shade tinted visor translucent )

85. conveyor belt electric drive motor

86. windshield wiper electric motor

87. windshield wiper

88. two way radio ( communications )

89. exterior side view mirrors ( upon the exterior of each side of the vehicle)

90. steering wheel, center of the wheel padded/ the non explosive air bag then placed in the nose of the

      vehicle to catch the steering "tilt" steering column - height of the wind shield )

91. instrument cluster dashboard ( control panel for climate controls  / speedometer / electric drive

      system component fault indication , turn signal display lamps , head light indicator lamp / lamp

      switches / flip up video monitor for the rear view display, electric wench controls other vehicle

      monitoring  control switches)

92. translucent sun visor tinted to reduce solar glare

93. driver seat ( truck comes in multiple format two forward seats ( left side drive ) or single center

      seat  / additional fold out rear passenger seat mounted upon the access door also using a four

      point safety restraint harness ( compartment upon the back of the seat for medical first aid kits

94. steering column shock dampener connects tot he driver seat and steering column

95. insulated heat transfer tube  ( from the vehicles electric resistance air heater channels hot air into

      the passenger compartment ( redundant ie. sum of two systems upon each side of the vehicle)

96. hinged steering column with positional locking system then allowing for hinged flex to then force absorb

      should an accident occur

97. drive shaft ( AWD system )

98. under carriage plate encapsulates drive shafts

99. throttle and break pedal position

100. floor heat vent

101. electric quartz heater with quick change heater replacement elements

102. forward bumper shock absorption spring  ( center hydraulic dampener piston )

103. exterior mounted electric wench

104. tow hook ( grappling hook )

105. honey comb carbon graphite chassis rail insert, "force scatter"insert

106. bumper mount forward marker lamp and turn signal lamp ( both sides of the vehicle) - ( redundant

        lamp with lamp failure indicator also actuates with the vehicles hazard lamp function

107. forward mount marker lamp , turn signal lamp,  run lamp ... also actuates with the vehicles hazard

        lamp function

108. electric snow blower snow exhaust port ( hinged flap )

109. electric snow blower "cutter"  spiral

110. electric snow blower drive motor and reduction gear system to allow for different torque

        and speed for snow blower "cutter"

111. over sized solid front wheel

112. over sized solid rear wheel

113. rear "slide drawer ( contains the active generating system ( Hydraulic draft generator system)

114. pneumatic piston ( extends the "illuminated"  "stop sign" horizontally when the vehicle required road

        traffic to stop when in service

115. four point seat safety restraint safety belt with padded contoured ( male / female) breast guard

116. rubber expansion joint with weather safe rubber expander

117. articulating mail box opener "robot" ( servos with solenoid object recognition camera)

118. sensor camera unit

119. sheathed coil spring internal with retention cable

120. rubber expansion joint with weather safe rubber expander

121. cable sheath ( external )

122. external wind screen ( forced air upon the exterior of the wind screen assist the windshield

        wipers to provide better visibility

123. curved contour "full vision " safety glass" extra thick two glass panes with Uv reducing acrylic clear

        core between the  panes of safety glass

124. internal defrost heater  vent ( hot air vent )

125. side marker lamp redundant bulb with bulb failure indicator upon the dash ( fiber optic conduit to dash)

126. rear bumper flex joint ( chemical resistant  / UvA- UvB light resistant plastic)

127. rear bumper coil spring shock dampener with internal hydraulic piston on number 22 for lifting

        the mail crate... on the rear bumper system ( electric spring tension roller wheel then used to

        extend the rear tow hitch located under  the "Active" generator slide drawer

128. "rise platform" pusher receiver block ( rubber)

129. mail crate  "lift platform"( by telescoping hydraulic piston system and electric motor / roller wheel

       up number 22 )

130. hinged

131. combined component air pressure atop oil ( "silicone oil" - non electrically conductive non flammable)

132. permanent magnet magneto( feeds electricity to the generators stator / field coil )

133. High Voltage generator

134. hydraulic impeller

135. high speed hydraulic  ( silicone oil )  pump

136. 1:50 ratio gear set ( high side rotation aligned with the oil pump, number 135) high side

          internal "counter tilt hydraulic impeller

137. electric motor( input torque to the ratio gear set , number 136)

138. hydraulic impeller input torque to the ratio gears set , number 136

139. pneumatic impeller ( air impeller)

140. sum of four  blow tube positional electric motors

141. clear safety thick glass two pane with Acrylic core with internal cab lamp

142. steering column padding

143. conveyor belt drive chain and conveyor belt  roller

144. conveyor belt drive chain and conveyor belt  roller

145. alternator ( generator 12v Dc for automotive lighting , radio etc 12v Dc functions....

146. electric blow tube reel

147. electric heater electric blower fan

148. conveyor belt tension adjustment screw

149. pneumatic piston

150. air pressure storage tank connected to the two air pistons to then move the "stop sign" horizontal

151. stop sign valve / switch - "electric actuation"

152. electric micro air pump - air compressor  with air intake filter

153. sliding stop sign lamps / stop sign

154. door hinge sum of three

155. sliding seat

156. electronics system regulation power management  electronics  system logic and control  "circuit bay"

157. slide connecting rod

158. rear bumper

159. reel steel cable

160. blow tube able mount

161. blow tube / vacuum tube

162. safety restraint / seat belt  breast plate internal rigid frame / padded toward the driver / male / female


163. lap belt

164. lap belt buckle  (adjustable)

165. breast plate buckle

166. shoulder straps (adjustable)

167. voltage regulator

168. large pulley ( dia. 4"  thru 12" )  number 168 and 169 may reverse size ( diameter) by position

169. small pulley( dia. 4" thru 12" ) * note-  the large pulley may be generator tandem to cause "hydraulic draft"...

170. anchor mounts

171. shoulder strap length adjustment clip

172. lap belt anchor

173. lap belt  strap length adjustment clip

174. aft compartment hinge

175. windshield wiper actuation lever ( turn signal opposite side )

176. louvered hot air discharge vent ( contains electric blower fans with multiple speed settings)

177. driver seat's arm rest hinged ( folds up - locking ) each side of the seat

178.  adjustable head rest

179. upper Co2 vent with blower fan ( co2 sensor automatic actuation) cold air  blower vent with

        multi speed electric fan and "closed cycle" cold air circulation  intake vent

180. Head light assembly  ( "brights"/ "low beam" redundant bulb for each lamp  reserve light bulb the

        actuates automatically when the primary bulb fails ( implements dual bulb failure sensor  ..lack of

        current in the negative "return " wire and or a photo-active sensor detecting lumen reduction within the

        lamps housing.

181. out going mail , mail crate compartment ( side drawer ) mail crate extraction left or right side of the vehicle

182. R.P.M. sensor ( revolutions per minute ) sensor

183. filtered air exhaust box

184. over pressure safety valve  ( contains one way air  fill valve and  oil return tube  to the combined

        component pressure storage tank

185. manual cable  pneumatic "Start" valve pull cable

186. retention coil spring

187. "ribbon" multi wire to the instrument display dashboard

188.  drive belt

189. air compressor with electric clutch

190. counter tilt" oil flow system

in the drafting directly above.. Number 134 tandem rotating with the generator / magneto assembly is then causing a hydraulic draft effect.

the letters then connect to the circuit "bay , number 15 as follows

"A" to "A"

"B" to "B"

"C" to "C"

"D" to "D"

"E" to "E"

"F" to "F"

"G" to "G"

* Note - The generator speed is then governed yet also able to be "load reactive". The oil flow restriction valves then upon the flow tubes are able to be automatically adjusted referencing the speed of the system via r.p.m. sensor ( revolutions per minute sensor), and electronic circuits. This keeps the system at a stable "base idle".

The valve prior to number 134 is then system restriction valve then allowing for flow

restriction ( "restriction valve" ). The valve the after number 135 is the "divergence valve" with additional flow tube the venting oil pressure to the combined component oil / air pressure storage tank also containing a one way valve to only allow oil to enter the combined component pressure storage tank.

The divergence valve then is with oil pressure sensor and additional mechanical over pressure safety valve with oil pressure fault sensor and discharge pipe then venting post mechanical compression coil spring within the safety valve to the combined component pressure storage tank.the valve are with threaded pipe fittings to then pressure seal all flow pipes and required sensors.

The flow tubes / pipes are then with external shock casing and are electrically grounded into an arc plasma box to the control discharge static electricity in a controlled fashion the slide drawer generator is electrically insulated from the chassis of the vehicle by its non electrically conductive mounting system and weather safe " water safe while allowing for venting. Explosion proof electric motors must be used. The main drive system "ie. the main electric motor  and it derives it's  electrical input current post ( after ) the potentiometer "throttle".

The slide drawer generator system is made to be load reactive... ie with the base idle of the generator the being established by the reintroduction of generated electrical production / electricity production from the generator to the generator assembly electric motor.

  The r.p.m. rotational rate incline will cause the advancement of the zero point of the electric motor ie. The magnetic pressure will continue to be applied at increased rates of rotation....

The remainder of the generated current is then available for the main electric motor connected to the automotive transmission... when the "throttle" potentiometer is then depressed the load effect is compensated for by the subsequent electricity is level increase to the slide drawers electric motor causing more available electrical current for the main electric motor.

The Throttle is a two circuit potentiometer....the first circuit from generator to the main electric motor the second circuit from the generator to the generator's  electric motor both then increasing when the throttle is depressed.