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Advanced Highway System

The following design system then a dual deck road way that allows for the separation of passenger cars and freight trucks. The design then improves commerce in the weather since the lower deck is not directly exposed to snow or ice. The out lay of the earth berm then also producing natural resistance to flooding.The design is superior to other methods of truss span also due to the road surface that allows the system to force dry air then displacing fog. The base wall and rise wall will prevent cross median head on collisions then keeping the vehicles within the roads track.

* Note - between the "tie plate" and the asphalt perpendicular I-beam carbon graphite and outer

             plate "decking" is then installed along with the bolt system, to tie the length  together the system

             then with tension long rods of flex  "crowned" rods ( similar to fiberglass yes derived from algae

             plastics and non bio degradable fiber). The material of the decking upper exposed surface heat

             tolerance then able to exceed the temperature of the asphalt deposition. The "decking" then a stagger

             pattern interlocking by the long rod and bolt  insertions.  A compression bender tool using

             hydraulic compression and mild heat will be required to allow for the "decking" to follow the contour

            of the roads curves. A long bore drill may also be required to then reem the boreholes when

            aligning curves allowing ease of installation of the perpendicular long rod and or bole system.

* Note - The base wall then also with three cable tie retainers to then keep the vertical integrity

             intact. The adjustment turn buckle then within the horizontal service tube. The wall back fill

             then of compressed earth. The spacing of the base wall cables determined by final thickness

             and mechanical properties of the base walls composition. The compressed back fill then to

             give sufficient resistance  yet allow a shock absorption zone within the base wall acting as a

             shock absorption impact force scatter so that the force is deflected not to effect the total truss

             system. To be clear the base wall is a separate unit than the vertical truss member acting as

             an impact barrier.

*Note - Upon the vertical structural member of the outer plate of stainless steel then encases the inner

            laminate of the carbon graphite composite.The sub structure upon the upper "deck" ( "cars only"

            road way then also is of the same I-Beam composition then with the horizontal road

            way " span (width) with a stainless steel "plates" then encapsulating the carbon graphite

            laminate composite surrounding the I- Beam.

* Note - the "tie plates" then are placed staggered and lock the vertical "truss" and are made of

              non corrosive stainless steel ( via electromagnet upon remote controlled flight drone )

* Note - the "truss"  is a short span system so that they are spaced at close interval ( 2' - 4' ) to then yield

             correct vertical and horizontal support for the load capacity that they will encounter.

* Note - The interlocking bolts( stainless steel),  then tie the system in a staggered fashion so that

             a continual locking tie occurs

* Note - in the horizontal service tube ( water tight man hole cover),  will then be flood control

             drainage pumping in flood prone regions. The back fill then will cause natural berm to the

             prevent water inundation effecting travel.

* Note - service panels then will also be constructed but not installed to enclose the system if required!

* Note - On ramps and exit ramps then of standard construction also with the road rug system

             listed at

* Note - cables and turnbuckles then composed of stainless steel and are electrically grounded.

* Note - the above design system then made cost effective to install because of reduced cost of

             materials by using and


The two above links the reduce to cost of materials by fuel less metal refinement and the bio reactor then "grows" structural components then off setting the total cost of the system

* Note - Vertical  and horizontal structural rivet assembly then with flex bushings to allow for thermal

             expansion and contraction then allowing for minute  movement without failure.  The rivet then

             compresses locking plates to retain the system install unit ( install unit = distance of structure able
             to be handled by machinery without the steel plate sub deck or asphalt.  The install unit does contain

             the support rods that through "thread" the individual vertical structural members.. Small rod

             then are guide pins that align the assembly while the final compression bolts are installed.

* Note -  additional service short run exits are the also placed with this system so that if a vehicle

              becomes disabled or is pulled over by law enforcement, the officers or driver is not endangered

              by traffic at velocity or imperiled by inclement weather with traffic moving.  The "off gate" addition

              is then much safer than just pulling over to the shoulder of the road and allows reentry to the

              road way.

* Note - bends and curves as well as incline and decline are accommodated for within the total system

             by numbered shim then being placed under the  "stainless steel deck plates" to adjust the rise

             gain or declination of the roads surface. The shims are then milled  by computer controlled

             CNC lathe and are also of stainless steel.

             Once installed the shims are welded to the surface

             sub  plates and the surface cap plate of the structural I-beam  at an

             inter locking "reinforcement bracket"  that corner bolts the system together ( placed when

             the short rods are aligned to stabilize  the system during construction also adding to horizontal

             stabilization of the "truss".

             All bolt and nut assemblies are then with lock washer torqued to

             the required specification and then welded.long tension rods are then the length of the installation

             assembly with long rods then interlocking into the adjacent installation assembly. The long rods

             are tension to then crown correctly adding compression resistance to assist in supporting the

             upper deck.

* Note - The upper deck rise wall then of sufficient strength and height to retain a vehicle at the rate of

             speed upon the road way.

* Note - At the base of the angles supports then earth then acts like a locking box mechanism then with

             the angled support "box grid" being filled with earth as two truss are installed tied as one unit then

             the long distance truss is installed the inward slant solid face upon the base of the angled truss

             support then acting like a horizontal stabilized due to it's angle then compressed by the weight of

             earth atop and acted upon by the horizontal cable and turnbuckle system.

             The solid plates then  join two truss in close proximity with the "under face" solid then connecting

             the two close distance truss so that the solid plate is mounted upon the inward tilted vertical angle 

             support structural members at their base. This assist the earth compacted between

             the "box grid" plates assisting in the angled support stability by tamped / compacted weight

             of the natural berm to prevent road way flooding..

* Note - due to the effect of staggered light by the vertical truss members  the repeating pattern while

             in travel causes distraction to the drivers so to mitigate this observance the  solve is then to

             illuminate the interior of the truck & car base road way and use a netting slant roof upon the

             exterior to then dim the effects of sun set..... sun rise... and all day!

* Note - The system installed with the side panels in place then acts as a storm shelter  also the off

             gates then can be enclosed to be safe haven from snow storm, rain storm, tornado, hurricane or heavy

             hail at with the "off gates" then at  repeating interval.

More to come....