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Design Desk Inc.

Advanced Air Bag System
Currently the Automotive industry is using hazardous system for air bag inflation...part of the problem as Design Desk Inc. has determined, is failing to used a fixed center air bag deployment system then using compressed air released by air pressure within a pneumatic confinement tank.  Our idea is then to use such a said system.

 The fixed air bag deployment system will not rotate with the rest of the steering wheel and inflate upon bumper or side impact, indicated by electrical sensor, to then open a valve  inflating the air bags and and will not used any explosive charges to then inflate the safety protection equipment system.

 The electrical sensors will activate the valve upon the pneumatic pressure storage system  that is monitored ( logic  / mapping computer ) and then inflate the air bag system safely with no chance of projectile injuring the drive / occupant. This will improve the over all safety of the system.

 The tank pneumatic pressure will cause compressor to pressurize the air tank as the additional fault indicator  P.S.I. sensor will then give fault indication should the air pressure within the air pressure storage tank becomes to low and prevent the car from being moved from the park position until the compressor has filled the tank.